A Father's Prayer

Posted Mar 31, 2012 by Allen Powell in Family and Community Hits: 4,273

The following is a journal entry from last year in the month of April. I pray that this will be a blessing to someone as it was a blessing to me to re-read it.

My sons had a minor accident in the truck yesterday. Immediately when I heard it, my mind sought to attribute blame on my older son’s driving habits. What I see now, and what was partially revealed to me last night, is that by my compromise over the past few days, I have given the enemy access to my home and family. I have also torpedoed my witness by my presence at Alumni weekend (an SDA educational institutional gathering), and the things I said. I am reminded that, as priest of my home, I am responsible for the protection of my wife and family by the continual surrender of my life to Christ. I see this responsibility as serious, one that I confess that I cannot handle. I cannot live unto myself. I need and pray for Christ’s presence and life to keep me and my family. I have just read from Ellen White that: “Let no one despair of gaining the victory. Victory is sure when self is surrendered to God (MS 2, 1903).  {1BC 1095.7}”

I also see that when I fail to honor the Sabbath and miss its blessing, that I lose the blessing the Father had intended for the coming week. I am in no condition to miss out on any blessing from God. I see that the blessing that I am most in need of is the blessing or gift of obedience. I am not even sure if I am stating this correctly, but I have felt the need to pray for the blessing of obedience. As the immediate past shows, I desperately need Christ’s life, His obedience and His submission in my heart and soul.

Father in heaven, I am in desperate need. Save me, for I cannot save myself. Keep me, for I cannot keep myself. Live in me, through Your Son. Reverse the curse that I have called upon myself and my family.  I ask You to protect, provide for, love, lead and cherish my wife and family through me. You are life, You are love. You are the Fountain, the Source of the universe. Yet in Your great mercy You love and concern Yourself with rebellious children like me. I thank you Father for the precious gift of Your Son and I pray that He will find continual, ready access to my heart and mind. Forgive me of my sin, cleanse me from iniquity. Fill me with Your love and may Your love flow to me and through me. Bless my wife and children with Your love and peace. Thank you Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.