All my Springs are in Thee

Posted May 13, 2010 by Oliver Saade in Devotional - Blog Hits: 6,878

I do not know where i am going from here; everyone looks at me and say, "look at 'unsteady' always moving never making permanent his home."

I pitch tent here and there and never stay. I’ve moved from father’s house to desert land, moved to Elim where there are palms and fountains, but a voice was calling me even further.

I did not go looking for Him; He searched me out and found me, sent me out from shifting sands, revealed His Son to me and established me on the rock of fatherly acceptance.

I look forward like Moses and Israel, and father Abraham, not knowing where i go, but i know God has called me to leave earthly father’s house, nation, kindred and tongue to a land which He would show.

I met many trials, fought battles of jealousy and pride, many disappointments and many discouragements but His unshakable pillar of cloud still shielded by day and fire by night, and led me all the way.

I came to the law and sanctuary but again He said come closer. Not types and certainly not shadows, all this is good but I want you to know me. So I followed wherever my Lord will lead, whilst many watched me and wondered.

I have become a pilgrim, a stranger and a sojourner in the earth. Nothing in this world I desire. This earth I realise is not my Home, and like Abraham I look for a city not made with hands.

"Come closer my child, come closer to me" is how he beckoned, "come enter my rest. Enter not by works of the law for which no man is justified, you are my child and my word is the law that establishes my order."

So by faith i move forward looking for a place not made with hands. I move following my Fathers voice wherever He calls. Moving heavenward; looking to my saviour, my very righteousness comes from Him alone.

That alone is my light, His light that lights my pathway; His word that leads me yonder, with His commandments ever guarding our love; headship; relationship and channel of blessing.

"Where doth thou go Abram?" My saviour beckons, His voice breaks through tide and billows, His fountains I desire! Nothing on my own, I have no righteousness but His flow is Heavenly blessing; sweet to my soul.

This is all I want, that I may be by Him; that I may know Him; that i may be found in Him the Son of the living God, the only begotten of the heavenly Father.

He is my guide, He teaches me by acceptance and love and in Him I live, move and have my being, through Him all things receive life and in Him all things must come.

It was said of Abraham “Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws. (Gen 26:5 KJV)

Keeping not only in 'a doing' but obeying; being and living. He kept his heart and his trust in the living God.

And that faith overcame, for in that Abraham surely saw the Lord. He had a relationship with his heavenly Father, He was his friend and received the Father's blessing.

Our Father, who is in Heaven
The road has been long
there has been many trials
failures and tests.
But now I am free in the arms of your dear Son.

He is worth it all.

: all my springs are in thee. (Psa 87:7 KJV)