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This is my first attempt at blogging so i hope that i will not confuse anyone with the way i present my thoughts on this subject. I have been a seventh-day Adventist for the past 14 yrs and only in the last year have i heard of the term trinity. I didn't know what this word meant. So i asked friends of mine what it meant. I was surprised when it was explained to me. I didn't really understand how anyone, without sounding judgmental, how anyone could come to this conclusion through the bible. I searched for answers and i came up against pure anger when i approached people on this subject in the church. All i was doing was searching.

I had through the bible my own understanding of the relationship of the Father and the Son and also i had a small insight on the Holy Spirit and what the work of it was. So when i heard of the definition of the trinity i was a little confused. I started studying this subject and the more i studied the more i was convinced that the trinity was a false understanding of the God Head. I had questions like, what is so important about this subject about the relationship between the Father and the Son and is it important? Are there 3 Gods in one? Is Jesus really Gods Son? How is Jesus God? The bible gave me the answers.

The bible said," there is only one God". Yet john 1:1 would imply that there are two Gods. I am a sinner saved by Grace and i always want to be reminded that it is Gods Spirit that reveals the deep things of God, i don't have any knowledge on my own except what God reveals to me through His Holy Spirit. I have lots of bible texts that i can put up on this blog, however i don't want to turn this into a bible study as i am ill equipted to do so. A text was brought to my attention in 1 John 2:18-25. Paraphrasing. Jesus says that many anti-christ will come that we will know that it is the days. Jesus talks about a separation between what would seem two groups in verse 19. I would safely say that verses 20,21 are talking about a correct understand of God and the relationship between Him and His Son. Because in verse 22 it says the the anti-christ Denys the Father and the Son.

The trinity says that there are essentially three Gods and these threes Gods are one. One took the position of the Father, on the Son and one the Holy Spirit. Either Jesus is the Son of God and always was the Son of God or He is not. And if he became the Son of God, then in all reality, He is not the Son. I look at it this way. My son is my son because he came from me. If he didn't come from me, he essentially in all reality isn't my son at all. But i know he is because he is of my seed. And Christ seed remains in Him. Christ is God by being begotten and i am not for a single moment going to rationalize how Jesus was begotten, the bible teaches me this very fact. And the only doctrine that Denys  Father and the Son is the doctrine of the trinity. It takes away the relationship, therefore it take away the possibility of me every having a relationship with Him or ever understanding Him.

These are my thoughts and i pray that it has not upset anyone in anyway. That is not my intention. As i said before i am a sinner saved by the Grace of God. Any feedback on this i am only to willing to hear.


Thank and God bless you all