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[I received this email from Desmond this morning and he has granted me permission to share it with you. Desmond tells me that he is a very new student. On this basis I thank our Father for what he has learned via the Spirit of truth. We need more students like this - Adrian]

Brother Adrian,

Good day.  I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your site for it is so sincere regarding the messages you share.  I see in it diversity of thoughts expressed, yet when they come together they make a more profound and a more beautiful representation of the subject. I believe that this is the guidance of God on people sincere of digging deeper into God’s words and putting them in their lives and sharing them to the world in so many forms.  I also believe that the word of God is so simple to understand so that even the simplest minds can understand it; and yet if studied in details, like what I found in your site; it reflects even a more beautiful view from the simple impression. In words that I can grasp, I found it just like a plant in the fields that when we see it from the outside with our naked eyes, it seems simple but when we use a microscope to look at its parts, its more beautiful and profound; the more minute the detail the more beautiful it is; unlike man made things that when we look at them with the naked eye, they seem to be so full of grandeur yet when we examine their details with a microscope, the details are full of ruggedness and ugliness, of rust and decay. And I thank God, the fountain of all truths, righteousness and mercies that He is continuously leading me in paths of knowledge and righteousness in finding your site.

I am a third generation Seventh Day Adventist yet honestly, I can say that I am still a little child in learning sound doctrine; and so, by the grace of God, I found myself focusing on sincere bible study just between me and God through the bible without the influence of church pastors or elders;  for I stand by the bible when it says let him that is athirst come, whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely and then Jesus saying I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh to the Father but by me because as the bible says in Acts, there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved, and so I come personally to beg for the mercies of the heavenly Father asking it in the name of His Son and our Lord and Savior.

And God is so merciful that He hears a thirsting soul, that He is leading me back to the firm platform first by finding books that were very old and are already given for free by our mission here in the Philippines. Among the very old books (for the edge of its pages are no longer straight with a very old color) that a literature evangelist gave to me was the book “The Time of the End” by George McCready Price and I see the sincerity of the author and so I searched the internet for his other books.  This is where I found your site and thank you so much because from your site, I have downloaded his other book “The Greatest of the Prophets” as well as Uriah Smith’s “Daniel and the Revelation”; and have read them for God has given me the appetite to finish reading them and to read them over again and ponder on their very important points. With them God has let me see the perfect chronology of events and together with Ellen White’s “Great Controversy”, they explain clearly how events would go, what are the most important issues for different times in history and the providence God has given His children which when they hold unto them, would make them stand as walls against the tide of evil in their time as they look for the signs of the times.

These things are put into documents in times past for our learning in which if we take them wholeheartedly will make us understand the present tide of evil the enemy of souls is using and the providence God is endowing His children today that when received will make us stand as walls against the foe. These things embedded in the prophecies of the bible are so important for even Jesus, when the Pharisees and Sadducees asked him for a sign, said that they know how to discern the face of the sky yet they don’t know how to discern the signs of the times; they don’t know what is happening in their time,sad to say even if Daniel expressly stated the coming of the Christ which is interpreted the Messiah in the seventy weeks prophecy; they were blinded by the enemy of souls; yeah, the power of the enemy to sift as wheat even the elect if they forget to cling to their God.

Thank you brother Adrian for in spite of the great trial in your life, you still shared those resources and blessing in your site to thirsting souls like me and I believe you are greatly used until now by our Father in heaven and by our Lord and Savior.  I also say that today, I presently am on my way in a deeper study on the doctrine of trinity; just between me and God;  to find whether this is just another creation of man full of grandeur from the outside yet when looked upon in details, will it be full of ruggedness; so please my brother lets pray for one another that the Fountain of all truths may have mercy on us and show His children a way to get out of confusion; all according to the bounties of His mercies on us.  Please do also correct me if I have said words that seem to fall away from the doctrine for my brother, honestly, I am like a little child in the doctrine needing guidance, as we all need guidance.

One more thing my brother, as I have read Mr. McCready’s and Mr. Smith’s books and Mrs. White’s Great Controversy, I found that the subject of Christ and the Antichrist centers in the sanctuary doctrine.  The Christ or the Messiah is the one that is qualified to perform all the real sanctuary services; I mean all the real sanctuary services and not just part of it; not just the death but also the other parts like the holy place ministration and the cleansing of the sanctuary in the most holy place to the banishment of sin when Christ as the High Priest will come out of the most holy place and then place on Satan the scapegoat all the repented sins of the righteous to be banished forever.  If this is the case, Jesus, the Son of God, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and the only one qualified for this will not be considered as the Christ by His death on the cross alone, but by performing all these things stated in the real sanctuary service.  If so, when Christ said I am the way, the truth and the life, and then connecting it to the 144,000 of Revelation 14 that they were the ones who followed the Lamb whichsoever He goeth and then followed by the bible saying thy way O God is in the sanctuary and then followed by the resulting character of the people who take heed of the three angels messages which have kept the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, it follows that to follow Christ is to follow Him “in” the sanctuary and I would say in all the phases of His service in the sanctuary; not just in the outer court but in “all” phases.

Going to the antichrist, could it be that the antichrist system is the one creating a deception, a counterfeit, a substitute, not just on one part of the ministry of Christ but on “all” parts; in short creating his own system of salvation as a substitute from what God has revealed to us? If so, as I understood it in the great controversy, the qualified antichrist during the Christian time before 1844 prevents the people from knowing who the real Christ is; as symbolized by the lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world, the door, holder of the keys of the kingdom of heaven and the keys of death and Hades, the bread of life, the light of the world, and all the meanings of the symbols associated with the ministration of the real Christ up to the holy place; by persecution, false teachings, superstitions, ignorance, among other methods with this end. This is the focus of his work; yet God raised up the Waldenses, Wycliffe, Luther, Tyndale, Huss, Jerome, Melanchthon, Calvin, and other reformers (in which I want to hear of their great stories when we get to heaven) to let the people in their time know who the real Christ is and his representatives.

Continuing from 1844, as I understood it, as those from the Advent movement continued in their sincere search of the word of God and eventually enlightened in receiving the sanctuary doctrine, God has shown to them the change in the ministration of Christ from the holy place to the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary where the ark containing the law of God is seen.  As I see it, God here has brought to view, first, the righteousness of Christ and then the commandments of God.  The righteousness of Christ is seen in all phases of the sanctuary service yet it is only in the most holy place where we can see the ark.  And so, we can say that as Christ enters the most holy place, the commandments of God become visible and when the people of God followed Christ, they too see this present truth.  This now became very important that when the people of God hold firm to this present truth, they will stand and not fall.

The antichrist also widens his deceptions. He now not only obliterates the personality of Christ but will now focus on trampling the law of God. Yes, the antichrist before has trampled the law of God yet in reading history, the focus before 1844 of this system was not the law issue but on transferring the right which belongs to Christ alone to himself like being able to recreate Christ in the mass, being able to forgive sins, being the holder of the keys to heaven, and so many others. Regarding the trampling of God’s law, he will do this by so many means, yet God is showing me through the writings I have read that the enemy will use the preaching and teachings of righteousness by faith in order to remove ourselves from obedience.  The love gospel is one example; the once saved always saved principle is another, among many others.

The antichrist system now focuses on how to shut our eyes from the law of God by bombarding us with the most cunning and the most beautiful doctrines of justification by faith.  These doctrines are good but if they lead us to reject the law of God, I think we are on the wrong path, for mercy and truth kiss each other and then Paul said should we then make void of the law through faith? God, forbid, we establish the law and Jesus said I came not to destroy the law, or the prophets, I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill and as I understood what Jesus said, that whosoever shall break one of the least commandments, and shall teach men so, in the kingdom of heaven, he shall be judged as the least among men; worthy of damnation.  And so, as I see it, the antichrist, if seen in our time or in the period from 1844 onwards, is performing counterfeits and substitutes on the works of Christ starting from the outer court to the most holy place which is the whole of the sanctuary service.

For me this is important since today, there are so many ideas of the antichrist personality.  For example, Hitler and his system of government, he may have killed millions of Jews and other people yet for me he cannot be branded as the antichrist because the center of his work does not counterfeit the work of Christ in the sanctuary.  Another is, somebody or some groups may even say that they do not believe in Christ yet still he or they cannot be personifying the antichrist system unless they center their focus on counterfeiting the services the real Christ is doing in the real sanctuary.  With this in mind, and reading history in relation to religion, I found out that there is only one system whose central aim is to counterfeit the real sanctuary service as a whole, it is the system of papacy by claiming that Jesus has given the key to the kingdom of heaven to Peter which they claim as the first pope when it is clear in the bible that Jesus is the rock and the door and the holder of the keys, the only way to the Father, thereby, to the kingdom of heaven; and then they proceeded to the abomination of the mass when they even claim that through a few Latin words, even Christ would obey the priest in the transubstantiation, making the priest more powerful than Christ in this aspect; then the indulgences issued by this system and even passports to heaven;  They shut the light in the true personality of Christ to people that Ellen White quoted in Great controversy that the noon of papacy was the midnight of the world.

Yet now, the papacy has continued to make war both by continuing its beginnings yet making a central effort to set aside the law of God among the people.  One of its most effective aims is by ecumenism (did not the dwellers in Shinar also united, yet in defying and disobeying God and they ended in Babel?) wherein the wolf has been clothed in sheep’s clothing in which the common dress they choose is “love”. This is the dress that will unite the Buddhist and Hindus to Muslims and Christians and pagans, in short the whole world, without transformation.

Yet again, God has given providence to his people when they see the beauty of the commandments in the most holy place and that they find their safety in maintaining the salvation granted to them way back from their justification and maintaining the great relationship they had with God by obedience to what God has revealed to them; yeah Jesus said, if you love me keep my commandments.  And this is also in accordance to the result of the three angel’s message; keeping the commandment of God and the faith of Jesus.  All these is clear for those who know and accept the truth of the sanctuary doctrine, yet I don’t know how is this to those who do not give ear to such great message given to us.  Let’s earnestly pray that our brothers and sisters in faith would take heed to this.

My brother, as I said, I am still learning, and you could be my guide, for I see your sincerity in faith, please do correct my views if they seem to fall away from the foundation of our faith and please do pray for me my brother that in His mercies, our Father in heaven may give the strength and appetite to study and to know Him deeper and deeper and to reflect Him among our brethren.