Character Assault of the Pioneers

Posted Jun 22, 2012 by Allen Powell in Spirit of Prophecy Hits: 2,901

To bolster the belief of the trinity (SDA version), our leaders and teachers have found it necessary to tear down the stature and characters of our pioneers. They were not perfect men but they do not deserve the character assault that is occurring in our learning institutions. I have been recently introduced to a 56 page booklet called Building on Solid Rock. Brother Nader Mansour revealed to my son and I that it was this booklet that introduced him to the Father and His Son. The booklet has been a blessing to read and following is an excerpt from the booklet:

“Ellen White's own husband was a solid anti-Trinitarian.  Some have said that he changed his mind just before he died but notice this statement by Russell Holt:

"The evidence from his pen seems to indicate that from his spiritual affiliations with the Christian Connection, until his death at the age of 60, James White opposed the Trinity, both on the basis of logic and Scripture, while holding a definite concept of  the exalted position and divinity of Jesus Christ.  The conclusion reached is intriguing due to his unique and special relationship to the Lord's messenger, who happened to be his wife. She was surely aware of his thinking on the subject. Did she approve? If not, why did he continue his belief? Did she simply refrain from correcting him? Why? " (Old Paths, Vol. 3, No. 11 comment of Russell Holt)

It certainly is interesting that the prophetess of God would not correct her husband on such a foundational teaching if she thought he was wrong. Could the reason be that she was in complete agreement with him and there was no need for correction?” Page 10

Not only Russell Holt, but many present day SDA theologians are trumpeting the charge that Ellen White did not correct her husband because of various reasons such as intimidation, immaturity or she waited till after his death, etc. Do we realize that if she failed to say what God had given her to say, regardless of whomever it was, she would not have continued as the messenger of the Lord? Remember what Eli told Samuel in 1 Samuel 3:17?

My wife recently came across a quote from Ellen White addressing her responsibility to rebuke and reprove as she was instructed. This directly answers the question of whether Ellen White failed to say anything to her husband James White, who was not a bystander as he was a staunch anti-trinitarian, a General Conference president for 2 or 3 terms and founder of the major publishing houses in Adventism. Here is the quote:

"God has not given my brethren the work that He has given me. It has been urged that my manner of giving reproof in public has led others to be sharp and critical and severe. If so, they must settle that matter with the Lord. If others take a responsibility which God has not laid upon them; if they disregard the instructions He has given them again and again through the humble instrument of His choice, to be kind, patient, and forbearing, they alone must answer for the results. With a sorrow-burdened heart, I have performed my unpleasant duty to my dearest friends, not daring to please myself by withholding reproof, even from my husband; and I shall not be less faithful in warning others, whether they will hear or forbear. When I am speaking to the people I say much that I have not premeditated. The Spirit of the Lord frequently comes upon me. I seem to be carried out of, and away from, myself; the life and character of different persons are clearly presented before my mind. I see their errors and dangers, and feel compelled to speak of what is thus brought before me. I dare not resist the Spirit of God." [VOL. 5, PP. 19, 20 (1882).]  {5T 677.4} Emphasis supplied.

 Again, as the writer in the booklet Building on Solid Rock states, there was no reason to correct James White because Mrs. White believed as James White did about the doctrine of the trinity.  Prayerfully, we will cease the mischaracterization of our pioneers. We seem intent on justifying the reclamation of error from the ‘mother church’ that the Spirit of Christ wisely guided our pioneers to reject.