Christ beheld the whole scene

Posted Jul 19, 2012 by Allen Powell in General Hits: 2,016

 The disciples marveled at Christ's words when He said, "Lazarus is dead. And I am glad . . . that I was not there." Did the Saviour by His own choice avoid the home of His suffering friends? Apparently Mary and Martha and the dying Lazarus were left alone. But they were not alone. Christ beheld the whole scene, and after the death of Lazarus the bereaved sisters were upheld by His grace. Jesus witnessed the sorrow of their rent hearts, as their brother wrestled with his strong foe, death. He felt every pang of anguish, as He said to His disciples, "Lazarus is dead." But Christ had not only the loved ones at Bethany to think of; He had the training of His disciples to consider. They were to be His representatives to the world, that the Father's blessing might embrace all. For their sake He permitted Lazarus to die. Had He restored him from illness to health, the miracle that is the most positive evidence of His divine character, would not have been performed.  {DA 528.1} Emphasis supplied


Questions: How could this be? Christ was with his disciples physically. He said that He was glad that He was not there. How could he witness the sorrow of Mary and Martha? How could he behold the whole scene? There is only one answer, I believe. Christ witnessed and beheld Mary, Martha and Lazarus and the wrestle with death, by His Spirit. If the Holy Spirit was a separate person from Christ, this paragraph would not make any sense.


It may be said that this reasoning is only circumstantial evidence for the truth about the Father and His Son. But for me this evidence is piling up!