Father Lead Me

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"...we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place." Ps 66:12


Dear Father, how dark is the way!

Fierce storm-clouds the heaven o'erspread:

Not even one lingering ray


Of a star on my pathway is shed.

In pity, dear Father,  reveal

Thy care mid the tempest so wild:

My hand clasped in thine let me feel,

And lead me thy wandering child.



Dear Father how rough is the way!

All bleeding and torn are my feet:

And foes press around, night and day,

To force me to halt or retreat.

Dear Father, in pity come near;

I am weak, but I know thou art strong;

In thine take my hand, Father, Dear,

And lead me, thy child, safe along.


Dear Father, how long seems the way,

My progress how toilsome and slow;

I"m weary, so weary to-day,

And the pathway seems rougher to grow

I cannot go forward nor stand;

my strength has been put to the test:

I fall ! Father, dear, take my hand.

And lead thy child up to thy rest.


Dear Father, the waters are deep

Through which thou dost call me to go;

And angry the surges that leap

To o'erwhelm and engulf me below

My bark is to frail to outride

The storm in it's fury so wild;

Dear Father, come close to my side,

And rescue thy perishing child.


Dear Father, how heavy the cross


Which daily I bear! and my soul,

Esteeming earth's tresures as dross,

Would peacefully rest at the goal.

I sigh for a home in that land

By pollution of sin undefiled:

Dear Father, in thine take my hand,


And lead safe to heaven thy child.


by  A.K Attebury


Review and Herald


March 22, 1892