Posted Jul 06, 2012 by Mark A Hornbeck in Worship of True God Hits: 3,026


1 John 1:3 - That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. 


Friendship – it is such a precious thing. Though many of us may take it for granted, it is priceless just the same. Have you ever known someone who you thought was your friend only to have them abandon you just when you needed them the most? A good and reliable friend is hard to find. The Roman philosopher Cicero believed that in order to have a true friendship with someone, one must have complete honesty, truth, and trust. An unknown author once wrote “Friendship is when someone knows all about you but likes you anyway.”We can be pretty unlovable sometimes and that is why when you find true friends and have fellowship with them it is so priceless. 

Many feel so alone. I was reading a note just today from a lonely individual writing on a website. They stated that they felt totally alone and that perhaps some people were meant to never have a true friend in life. I believe that in this world, where sin reigns and love of self is the rule, if you find one true friend that will stick with you to the end you are extremely fortunate. But we do not have to be lonely. There is a heavenly Father and His Son who both love you supremely and wants to spend time with you. But when mankind rebelled against that love we became separated from them and lost their fellowship.  

But God gave up His Son who willingly died for us so that we might have that fellowship with them again. Now our heavenly Father’s spirit brings His and His Son's presence into our lives once again. All we have to do is ask. Thereafter we are never alone. Then those who have fellowship with God will find that they can be friends to each other as well. Jesus is coming soon with His Father and will then take His friends home to be with them. 

I urge you to prepare for the coming of Christ in the clouds of heaven. Day by day He will cast the love of the world out of your hearts. Understand by experience what it means to have fellowship with Christ. In time Christ and His character shall come to be admired in all those that believe in Him. By choosing Their friendship you may be among those who will be ready to meet Them in peace when they return. In that day the redeemed will shine forth in the glory of the Father and the Son!