God has Permitted Apostasies to take Place

Posted Jan 06, 2012 by Allen Powell in General Hits: 4,635

Note: In my devotions, I have been studying Isaiah 58. In my investigation of the EGW comments for Isaiah 58, I came across the quote below. I believe it is very pertinent to the state of our church at this time.


I write this because many in the church are represented to me as seeing men like trees walking. They must have another and deeper experience before they discern the snares spread to take them in the net of the deceiver. There must be no halfway work done now. The Lord calls for stanch, decided, whole-souled men and women to stand in the gap, and make up the hedge. [Isaiah 58:12-14 quoted.]  {4BC 1152.8} 

     There is a decided testimony to be borne by all our ministers in all our churches. God has permitted apostasies to take place in order to show how little dependence can be placed in man. We are always to look to God; His word is not Yea and Nay, but Yea and Amen (NL No. 19, pp. 2, 3).  {4BC 1152.9}