Greetings from British Columbia, Canada!

Posted Mar 04, 2011 by Russell Unterschultz in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 7,894

Greetings to all members of this website from sunny British Columbia, Canada! Well… sunny but snowy that is, as you are about to see. Last winter did not require the driveway at my home to be shoveled once (as that is how little snow we had here). This year, winter has been a different story. The snow and cold weather has carried over right into early March. This morning (March 3rd) the temperature was -6 degrees Celsius, although it warmed up by the afternoon to +3 degrees with sunshine. Here are some photos of what I am talking about:

The roadway near to my home:


This snow bank is over five feet high!

My Neighbour’s car and snowbank:

A snow bank over six feet high by my driveway:

Photo taken a few days ago while it was snowing; looking out towards the road from my driveway:

Oh yes, another photo of snow and a snow bank:

And that is the latest as far as the weather goes here from British Columbia. Summertime is actually quite warm here and very pleasant. I would be glad to answer questions you would like to ask me about the place where I live.