How deep the Father's Love for us

Posted May 25, 2011 by Olivia Lennon in Inspirtation Music Hits: 8,652

I was thinking about the love of our Father for us and came across this quote

The Fatherhood of God is given to us in the gift of Jesus Christ; and as God was one with his only begotten Son, so he would have his earthly children one with him. RH Sep 30, 1909

Who can fathom the depths of the Father's love? That He would wish for me to be one with Him even as He is with His begotten Son. Here is further evidence of what I wrote in my book Identity Wars of how the Father conveyed this reality to me

...I was spending a quiet Sabbath day walking and talking with the Lord, far away from the hustle and bustle of life. I was thinking about my Father in heaven and His love for me and how precious it is. All of a sudden, a movie started playing in my mind of the birth of my son and I relived that intense desire to never be separated from him and that he would truly know me. The scene passed and in the stillness, I heard a still small voice deep in my mind and it said “That’s the way I feel about you.” Read Whole Chapter

I am reminded of another time not long after this when a friend of mine sang the song How deep the Father's Love for us after I had presented a presentation of the gift of the cross. I remember listening to the words of that song and the sudden impact and reality that greatest evidence of my Father's love is the Gift of His Son; not just in my head but in my heart. It was like a dam wall burst inside of me and a wall of love completely engulfed me in a sea of joy.

I love listening to Fernando Ortega and I love this song.

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