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Dear friends

Many of us are aware of the book Identity Wars and have been blessed by the videos and audio presentations by the author Adrian Ebens. Over the years we've heard from brothers and sisters around the world who have had life changing experiences from the impact of this message and had their entire course of life redirected from one without true meaning, lasting value and worth to that of blessing and lasting confidence in their Sonship and Daughtership to God without the need to prove oneself.

I am one of those who came to a crossroad with the tremendous import of this message that the whole human race identifies with. As universal as it is in its reach, it is of a nature that is able to address the human heart at an individual level and reaveal its true need and value. Very few books carry a message of this magnitude and cuts at the heart of the value system of this world to reveal the true human condition of sin, depression, insecurity and worthlessness in the light how life was designed to function and the need for blessing.

Chapter by chapter a progression is made in the book and presentations that charts the course of the history of this deprived condition and reveals the war behind it -an identity war of what defines our value and worth and how this war was lost by the human race. It then brings to view how our efforts individually and collectively fails to reclaim the victory in light of the divine pattern of life, and how a plan was put in effect for Truth to take the witness stand in the face of this inherited condition.

Our road to freedom begins when the Father spoke the words which were the sharpest sword He could have handed to his Son to do battle."This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Matt 3:17. Safe in the WORD of His father, He will battle the wiley foe and break those chains on our behalf in the wilderness of temptation that we could never break. "The human family needed a person who could demonstrate that he believed he was a child of God simply because God said it, rather than through proving it by what he did. The world needed a David to take on the seemingly invincible Goliath of worthlessness that binds us to our sins and makes us slaves of the devil."

This victory describes the road to freedom by discovering the true source of all life, worth and identity, how it is won and in whom its freely given to you and me. It is to this victory we invite you to our new Identity Wars website.

There are many around the world who need to hear this life changing message and to have this victory in their own journey. To truly come to know the Father who risked all and gave all of heaven in His Son to save them and to become citizens in His family Kingdom.

For this reason we open the new website in Honor of the Father and His Son. It is our prayer that all who visit will be blessed of our Father with the truth that is the road to freedom and is transforming the lives of many around the world.

The Journey begins at

In love for the Father and His Son and all who His Son came to redeem.

Oliver Saade