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Posted Apr 30, 2011 by Pauline Edwards in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 6,307

I found this article on the web in reference to what the Disciples believed: it is at…/

I hope the link works as this article is from and I quote "The Huntsville (HSV) Bible Students are a tiny, nondenominational congregation of Bible-believing Christians that meet to study the Holy Scriptures in a deeper, more harmonious fashion than can be possible in any "mega-church" where one sits in a pew and listens to a sermon comprised of milk, and not "strong meat."

I find it interesting and sad that there are so many who are searching God's word diligently and finding and accepting the truth about the God whom they worship and His Son and yet so many in the SDA church (including my sister Nancy - please pray for her) who are rejecting this to follow after mans teachings.