Is the heavenly sanctuary milk or meat?

Posted May 12, 2012 by Adrian Zaranski in Priesthood of Christ Hits: 2,763

A week ago I was attending a youth congress in a little town of Skoczów in southern Poland (I would like to go there again, since these regions are very special to Polish Protestantism). On the second day of the congress (it was Sabbath), we had a worship service and there was a particular Sabbath School presentation. Apart from the presentation itself, with which I generally agreed (and apart from the fact, that it was just a quick monologue :) ), the pastor (or elder, I don’t remember) said something in the beginning of his presentation, that got me thinking. He said something like, that we as Adventists generally tend to divide the Word of God into two parts: milk and meat (from 1 Cor 3:1-2 and Hebr. 5:12-14). And he had mentioned three examples of Adventist teachings for both parts. The thing, that perplexed me, is that among the meat-teachings, he mentioned the sanctuarology (for the comparison, on the milk side he mentioned the Sabbath).

Today, having in my mind the fact, that the Trinity and the heavenly sanctuary teachings do not agree with each other, I got myself thinking. I believe, that the truth about Godhead (God the Father, His Son, and Their Holy Spirit) should be easy to understand, because it’s the basics of our faith. Therefore, if the truths about God and His Son are interrelated with the heavenly sanctuary doctrine, than why is this doctrine generally received as being hard theology? Is it so hard to understand, that God and His Son are abiding in the real heavenly sanctuary, with two apartments, and doing Their work there? Maybe it’s quite hard to derive, what specific services are being performed in the sanctuary by God and His Son, but the alone fact, that they are living there and performing Their work for our salvation, shouldn’t be too hard to understand (we can derive it from Hebr. 8-9 and from some of the prophecies).

I believe, that the basic truth about the heavenly sanctuary and its Residents should be taught as like giving milk to an infant. But it seems, that today even this basic truth is set aside a little. More emphasis is given to the fact, that God (and Christ as well) just does exist – I understand, that the contemporary secularized people need this basics of basics to be acknowledged. But if we want to go further in the teaching about God and Christ, the heavenly sanctuary truth seems to be put aside for the moment – instead, we mention the Trinity. So the speculative Trinity doctrine seems to have priority over the understandable heavenly sanctuary teaching – more so, the sanctuary is today so much associated with the Levitical priesthood type teachings (although it's an important part of the teaching), that many do not see its simplicity anymore and see this teaching as just something optional.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

Blessings! Adrian