My Testimony and Relationship to our Church

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For in him [Christ] dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily…For it pleased [the Father] that in him should all fulness dwell… Colossians 2:9, 1:19. 

Brethren allow me to share my testimony and my present relationship to our beloved church today.  As for my living, I am a practicing structural design engineer here in the Philippines and through this profession, our God and our Lord has used me in building some of our churches. I considered my services as a thanksgiving for the mercies from heaven so it has been a standard on my part to give it for free.  This has brought me into a very close and loving relationship to some of our leaders here and many church members and it continued to this time I believe although it has been a bit changed because of the present testimony our God has made me bearer to our brethren.

 I came into the knowledge that Christ Jesus is really the literal begotten Son of the literal Father in heaven when my wife was troubled at the meaning of trinity and asked me questions to which I can only answer by referring to the views of our scholars and popular preachers.  Initially, I was thinking that “when we see three Persons” it is enough to be the trinity to which later on I found that I was really deceived about that thinking.  I couldn't answer my wife so I got irritated “everytime” I heard her ask and ask that question. So then I promised to give it a balanced study. 

By that time the Lord has given me opportunities to preach to many of our churches around our country; and with this, the Lord made me see the light of the sanctuary message and the importance of knowing it heartily for the antichrist follows Christ in “all His ministration” to counterfeit it and now since Christ is in the Most Holy Place wherein we see the Law of God, so the antichrist is also counterfeiting this solemn event by deceiving the world to embrace a faith that will trample God’s Law. This was my start in seeing how important the message of righteousness by faith is to us. At that time I had been preaching that the faith that we have should not trample God’s holy requirements yet on the other hand, it should lead us to “naturally walk” in accordance to “all” of His ways not turning to the left or to the right in order to maintain that loving relationship with our God.  So many people limit themselves to the words of the ten commandments yet the Lord made it clear to me that the ten commandments are infinitely expandable unto every action that we take or we think of doing which means it is not only the word in the commandment but more so on its spirituality which is so vast that we need Christ the Author of it to explain it to us and instruct us how it is to be followed.  This is basically righteousness by faith for without Christ who can help us follow or even understand the Law? This has further molded my relationship with God and His Son. 

By this time brethren I was still a Trinitarian yet I believe that the sacrifice on the cross was a divine sacrifice.  To this time, I never studied deeply into the trinity for two reasons:  1. That it is a mystery  2.  That it is not essential to salvation since it is by faith which translates to “how is our relationship with our Lord”.  To this I now see that I was greatly deceived.  Who do we serve should be the first question, who is our Saviour, who is our Redeemer, who is our Christ, is essential to understanding the right message of righteousness by faith. Later, I was shocked to know of the “human sacrifice” of the trinity doctrine. To this the Lord made me search again the scriptures and the spirit of prophecy on this matter. 

There is no verse containing the word “God the Spirit” and “God the Son” instead it is “Son of God” and “Spirit of God”.  To these phrases for a month I was led to think, if I would say spirit of John, that’s John, yet if John the spirit it would not be John; to this God made me read again the scriptures and one thing I found out is that our scholars have used the few difficult passages of the scriptures like the “another Comforter” John 14-15 to interpret the many plain statements saying “Spirit of God, Spirit of the Father, Spirit of Christ, Spirit of the Lord” which is the reverse of plain biblical interpretation. The word Spirit of God is much more plainly interpreted when the Lord led me to read Acts 2:17, the interlinear reading of Joel’s prophecy is eckeo apo tou pneumatos mou rendered “I shall be outpouring from the Spirit of me” in which the word “me (mou)” is emphasized by Strong to be “mine own” which would then say “Mine own Spirit”. From this I have seen that the presence of the Holy Spirit is not the presence of another Divine but the omnipresence of the Father and the Son.  To this the Lord made me write a testimony on the Holy Spirit from the entire scripture yet I was not able to finish it (only Revelation is yet to be finished) because the Lord let me see more on the begotten Son issue.

This time I still feared to make public my testimonies for the sake of friendship and preaching yet the Lord made me realize this is wrong.  The days that passed after my conviction on the Holy Spirit were full of questions on the trinity even from my clients who were not Adventists and even one devoted catholic says she believes in one God the Father.  I was like Jonah running away from Nineveh going to Tarsish yet the Lord made me realize of my duty.  Also during these days the Lord made me read again John 3:16 which really make sure that God indeed gave His begotten Son and not Someone to become His Son once born of a human.  Again I was pointed to 1John 5:1 which says, “he that loveth Him that begat loveth Him also that is begotten of Him.”  It was shown that this is not talking of Mary but God Himself.  Then I was pointed to John 8:42 to which Jesus testified “I proceedeth forth (exerchomai)” and came from God.  As to the time, it was shown to me in my former studies that it was from everlasting (Proverbs 8:23-30); I never thought this would be against trinity’s “co-equal” notion.

I was asked to preach on the biggest church in manila and this time I preached about the reality of our Father who sends His Son to die for us and who will again send His Son to take us to that heavenly home.  I remembered the words the Lord made me utter which goes like this; “If our Father has sent His only begotten Son to die for us, more so, He will again send His Son to give us rewards in taking us to our glorious home, this is our Father’s faithfulness and His Son’s willingness.” This was my last divine service preaching in the pulpit before the biggest church in Manila, Philippines.  However, my last speaking has been done in Manila Center church (same church) during a youth program where the topic is about prayer.  The Lord impressed me to share the model prayer He taught which is directed to our Father in heaven and being asked in the name of His only begotten Son. From here I have heard from some church members that I have another doctrine. 

Even though I was not called to speak again, the Lord still make me witness on Daniel and Revelation bible studies.  This is where I found maranathamedia when one book by George Mcready Price was posted in the site’s resources.  That time the Lord made me read some testimonies from brother Adrian and brother Gary and brother Corey yet the Lord impressed me to study on my own then see if things were the same.  Yeah praise God things are the same, truly there is only One Source for all of God’s children for there is only one “true” Source of revelation.  I have seen in maranathamedia the spirit of humbleness and praise God what He has revealed have been further reinforced by this site.

Still brethren the choice whether to witness or not was weighing on me, I decided to witness.  I first witnessed to my wife that indeed the Trinitarian concept is troublous and is not the truth plainly revealed in the bible.  My wife was glad and we talk even late at night and even up to early hours in the morning about Jesus as the real and literal Son of the Father and yes even our relationship is strengthened by this.  We see that the many statements of the Spirit of Prophecy now is united to the statements of the scriptures.  We were so sorry for the fact that we were deceived and how so many people were deceived that the Son is not really a Son. To this I asked my wife, will I testify? She said yes. 

The next Sabbath I began with the members of the bible class, and two got the message at that day.  They continued pressing me on the trinity issue and yes they too accepted that it was unscriptural.  These two brethren further disseminated the literalcy of the Sonship of Christ and this has created awareness to some of the church members in their Sabbath school class.  Elders and teachers are attacking them for they cannot go straightly to me (I don’t know why) and these two friends asked me for an answer to their questions and the Lord opened to us plain verses in the scripture.  The main attacks was the statements of Ellen G. White that in Christ was an “unborrowed and underived life”.  We found out by prayerful study that this is the “quality of life in Christ” and not talking of “origin” for in John 5:26 it says, for as the Father hath life in Himself so hath He given the Son to have life in Himself.As truth after truth was opened to us we rejoiced that even though we are not theologians the Lord has shown these things. 

The next Sabbath a debater came into the church and discussed the trinity.  Here the Lord impressed us to ask about the meaning of the word person in the trinity, and he said “role”. Here it has been made clear by the debater that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were just roles taken in the plan of redemption.  Aside from this, the “begotten” was said to be a wrong translation of the KJV and it was concluded that the “Alexandrian Compilation” was better than the one from “Antioch”; in the cross, only the humanity died; in the resurrection, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit raised the humanity that died (there is another view here); he  also said that James White was not a Trinitarian but was later converted. 

To these things the Lord has helped me make a response in a formal testimony which I distributed to the church the next Sabbath (I will send a copy to bro. Adrian) to which a copy was personally given to the church pastor who said to me that his Christology lesson states that it was “Himself resurrecting His human nature” to which I replied according to Gal. 1:1, Romans 6:4, Eph 1:17-20 that it is the Father.  He denied the plain texts of the bible then diverted the dialogue to another topic which is the church project. The Lord has impressed us later that the pastor reasoned that way so as to maintain “co-equality” in the trinity for the Son’s life should be underived from the Father and the Holy Spirit according to the doctrine. 

After a few days, there come a “wake up” call from a friend in the church that I should testify immediately because of the “alarming message” I have given to the church. I asked why was it alarming, "it was so because it goes against the fundamental beliefs of the church", he said. I responded if our doctrine is rooted in the scriptures, we should not be alarmed.  Yeah after these days brethren, all false accusations have been circulated even from my dear friends in church, my friends are almost all gone and it is really hurting that even our Sabbath school teacher ceased to teach because my family is seated in his class.  Many refused even to shake hands with me in the church. I phoned one of our brothers and expressed how I want to give him my testimony regardless on whether he will believe it or not, he said yes, yet when Sabbath came he never give me opportunity and eversince never talked to me; brethren these are just some of the things that happened to me and my family to which our Father taught me to accept them as part of bringing the message. I prayed for all of those brothers and sisters.  So many false rumors circulated about me until it reached on Sabbath school teacher, a lawyer who got interested and I gave my testimony to her.  Praise God she was convinced that Jesus is really the literal Son of the Father and it was this teacher that defended my name on all elders and Sabbath school teachers.  Later she arranged for me to speak before all of them of my conviction and praise God it happened. 

One church elder and one theologian came and we discussed the topic of the begotten Son’s relationship to divinity.  The Lord taught me to speak humbly a straight testimony which goes like this: “I found out from the scriptures that in Christ dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily for it pleased the Father that in Him all fullness dwell. His being a begotten Son does not make Him a created being but exalts Him to a position equal with His Father and far above the angels.  His being a literal Son assures us that He is fully divine”.  The theologian agreed to the presentation and we were all saying AMEN when the pastor entered the room and said of the “chosen roles” of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and warned that should be the last talk we have on that matter. We were all sad leaving the room yet I was given again another witnessing by the personal ministries department; this time with more elders and more members present. 

The next testimony was centered on the cross; the Lord make me share Acts 3:15 to which Peter said plainly, “You have killed the Author of life” which was more than the humanity only as said in the trinity doctrine; to which it was vehemently argued by our Trinitarian brothers that not all of Christ died; it was only His humanity that died; they accepted an unblemished human sacrifice even if the SOP said not even an angel’s life was not sufficient. Again we were so sad leaving the conference room for Canale’s doctrine of God was chosen as the basis of interpretation.  Yet through this, three more persons came to accept the literacy of the Begotten Son. 

However, I was still given another witnessing the next Sabbath and this time all but 2 elders were present to hear and many members as well as people from our other churches.  The witnessing was centered on proverbs 8:20-30 whether it was Christ or not, they argued it was not yet SOP has really testified plainly that it was Christ, next was the phrase “God the Son” and “Son of God” to which they read John 1:18 which says in NASB “only begotten God” which is acceptable for Christ is a begotten God.  I argued that the pioneers really believe that Christ is equal with His Father which is being affirmed by His being a literal Son inheriting all things (Heb. 1:2,4). It was really a sad story because aside from the biting words, misquotes on me, branding me out as a false teacher, the discussion was finished with no solution to the problem simply because they do not hear the word of our Lord. They were even led to discrediting bibles because of the word “Son of God” instead of “God the Son”. 

Before this witnessing, an elder talked to me and said that I should stop witnessing and asked if I have permission from the pastor to conduct bible studies; I know this has never been done before, yet praise God, despite of the sad things and the loneliness I feel now, my witnessing for our God continues.  This coming Sabbath the church is inviting a systematic theology graduate so that we can inquire of him on the subject.  This may be further opportunities from the Lord for witnessing.  It was arranged that I will witness for other churches because the big church no longer wants it they say. 

Brethren when my family went home to the province, the Lord also impressed me to witness unto four pastors to be ordained (they only needed to marry) and they see the truth in Christ being the literal begotten Son.  One of them decided to make it his thesis.  Also a catholic priest began to question the efficacy of the sacrifice on the cross should it be a human sacrifice as viewed by the doctrine of trinity.  Elders and members of our church in the mission field are more easier to accept since they were not infiltrated by the deception on the “co-eternal co-equal”, brethren please pray for us for we plan to go to the provinces and testify should we be apprehended in the cities.  All in all, the Lord gave me strength to write four formal testimonies in letters given to the pastor and the church elders and many church members.  We pray that our Father and our Lord  Jesus will sustain all of Their messengers of truth that the message will reach every ear that they may seek the scriptures and believe.

Lastly, I encourage everyone who sees these plain truths in the scripture to not just remain silent but in humility speak words to our brothers and sisters, entreat them to consider again the plain import of words in the bible, and lay bare what is the enemy of soul’s plan to undermine the sacrifice and mediation made by our Lord Jesus. In my next testimony I will show you brethren the summary on the possible effects of accepting the SDA interpretation of trinity based on my experience from debaters, theologians and every Trinitarian I have encountered. All in all, this has been done not for our glory but for the glory of the Father and Christ His only begotten Son. 

 But God will have a people upon the earth to maintain the Bible, and the Bible only, as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms. The opinions of learned men, the deductions of science, the creeds or decisions of ecclesiastical councils, as numerous and discordant as are the churches which they represent, the voice of the majority--not one nor all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith. Before accepting any doctrine or precept, we should demand a plain "Thus saith the Lord" in its support.  {EGW-Great Controversy 595.1}