Open Heart Report 5/20/11

Posted May 21, 2011 by Randy Thompson in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 6,944

Happy Sabbath Fountarians, it has been a very long time, and a lot has happened, starting with (having a healthy baby boy eeek I almost forgot) the most incredible retreat I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The Spirit of the Lord was truly felt, my fav part was FINALLY meeting Pastor, mentor, and most trusted friend, Adrian Ebens and his lovely wife Lorelle. The messages that where shared, the heart felt testimonies, (especially from Joy Delaney WOW), what a glorious sense of fellowship, like nothing I have ever felt. Here come the next obvious statement "if it was that good here, imagine..." and why not, how wonderful it is to spend time lost in Him, so that "When becomes whenever". My blogs will get back to norm (whatever that is) after I ween Ethan, I am starting a Bible study group on the phone and wish to ask for prayers that the heart of the message seeps into each and everyone who hears

PS. Pastor also came to Washington DC and spent a little more time with us, well it wasn't just for us but that's how felt. And Sister Aberdeen was floored by what she heard from the Pastor and spoke to me in private and said that she was looking for a message for end times and she thought that this was it. Ironically we never mentioned anything about end time but she still felt like this message and its messenger where sent from the Father Himself. This is the power of knowing the true identity of the Son of God, more to come so stay tuned.