Pastor Doug Batchelor in the Philippines

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Pastor Doug Batchelor Has come to lead a series of studies here in the Philippines last March and it has been a blessing from our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for providing me the time and courage to approach him personally amidst many hindrances; among them; the reaction of the brethren seeing me personally give this study to Pastor Doug and knowing my position on the doctrine of trinity.

We have a short talk to which I am able to thank him and the message through him; and give this short personal study to him.  

I posted it here for the purpose of sharing that wonderful experience I have, and for testifying of the great faithfulness of our Father and our Lord Jesus in preserving me, our small group, and my family in good relationship to the church up to now.  I personally am understanding that the best mission field is the field where our Father is pleased place a person to witness for Him.  The place He is pleased to place me at present is in the church so I thank Him for this.

Lastly, I would want to confirm based from my personal experience, that humbleness and respect to the church leaders (though some may react very harsh) while maintaining steadfastness in truth really gives us that wonderful thing of making the church leaders open their ears considering our appeals.