Precious Are the Cords That Bind

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, I recently received an email from a friend and trusted source, with the following information about the destruction of family values attached, and I was impressed to share it with you because it will impact upon us all in the not so distant future.

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Doing away with the family


TheAustralian Beacon

Page 10 Issue 69

November 2011

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Changing family values

TRADITIONAL words 'father' and 'mother' will be replaced with official terms `Parent 1' and `Parent 2' in Britain. The terms will be used in official documents. The authorities decided to make such a "politically correct" move to accommodate same sex couples. Experts are sure though, that the mat­ter is not about the requirements of certain social groups. The deci­sion is another step towards the destruction of traditional families.

The words 'father' and 'mother' will be removed from British passport applications before December 2011. This became an achievement of The Stonewall group, which defends the rights of sex minorities. The US State Department tried to do the same, but it was eventually decided not to remove the two words from U.S. passport applica­tions.

The subject about novelties in the field of gender relations has been getting more and more popu­lar recently. Not so long ago, Pravda.Ru wrote about the kinder­garten in Sweden, which became world-famous after its administra­tion decided to simply abolish the use of 'he' and 'she' pronouns.

Last year, the European Parliament published the brochure, which recommended not to use the words 'Missus' and 'Miss', 'Mademoiselle', 'Senora' and 'Senorita'. From the point of view of the European parliament, the use of such words was dis­criminating against women because they directly indicated their sexual identity.

One does not have to be an expert to realize that such novel­ties in various countries are not just a coincidence. It is a trend, the goal of which is to change the public perception of the role of the sexes in the society.

Pavel Parfentyev, the chairman of the inter-regional public organ­ization "For Family Rights" also shares this point of view.

"Indeed, this is a serious interna­tional trend. It started back in the seventies and the eighties as a powerful movement to defend the rights of sexual minori­ties. There were organi­zations that tried to defend even the rights of paedophiles, who, as they believed, also had the rights for their own sexual preferences.

"The organizations publicly said that their goal was to destroy the traditional family.

"Afterwards, under the pressure of public opin­ion, many activists decid­ed to resile from the openly sexual bias in their activities. They pro­ceeded towards the protection of human rights. This is how they approach children's rights today. They think that children must be protected from the despotism of their parents from any forms of traditional upbringing, that is to say. In order to accomplish that one has to destroy the traditional family first and to portray the fam­ily as a form that enslaves and binds children," the expert said.

In order to be more efficient, representatives of such move­ments began to cooperate with large international organizations such as the UN and the Council of Europe. This led to the creation of a small, albeit a very strong lobby for the protection of the rights of sexual minorities on the interna­tional level, Pavel Parfentyev believes. The lobby intends to dis­tort the perception of traditional family in the modern society.

As a result, European officials already try to avoid the use of the word 'family' in top-level interna­tional documents. Instead, they use - "Family in all of its forms" - an expression, which implies all forms of cohabitation. As a mat­ter of fact, they deliberately erode and expand the notion of family. The `family' as we know it has virtually disappeared from the new term.

"The lobby prefers to move in small steps. At first they say that one should not discriminate against human beings on their gender rights and sexual orienta­tion. In Russia there is no dis­crimination of real human rights on the base of sexual preferences. At the same time, they create spe­cial, previously unseen "rights" and preferences for homosexuals on the international level. As a result, they attach special impor­tance to sexual orientation, which distinguishes a person and makes them stand higher than others," Pavel Parfentyev said.

The words indicating the sexu­al identity of people gradually disappear from official speech and documents. However, it can be possible to undermine the traditional perception of gender.

"A family is much more than a marital union of two people. It is a reproduction mechanism for the whole society. The movements for the protection of rights of sex­ual minorities are trying to under­mine the traditional or natural family, as we call it. They want to take it beyond the scope of public values. More importantly, they want to separate the process of procreation and childcare from marriage and family. According to them, children and parents are two different things that must exist separately from each other. They cast doubts on the special role of parents in raising chil­dren," the expert added.

Many people in Britain claimed that the above-mentioned novel­ties undermine family grounds in the country.


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Brothers and Sisters, we must remember that God the Father ordained families when He “brought forth”, His only begotten Son. (Prov 8:22-30; Matt. 3:17; Matt. 17:5; Heb. 1:1-4). Together They became a family, Father and Son.

Furthermore, He also ordained families when He created mankind, when He “said to His Son "Let us make man in our image," (EW 145.1), see also Gen: 1:26-28), these passages include the commandment, “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth”. Then further on in Genesis 12:1-3 we see the Father’s plan for mankind very much included families. Through The Father’s covenant with Abraham “shall all the families of the earth be blessed” Gen 12:3.

The literal Son of God had to come to earth and literally die the second death, (Rev. 2:11; Rev, 20:6,14; Rev. 21:8), the eternal death for mankind, so that those who would accept His sacrifice, be covered by His shed blood and allow Him through His Spirit to change their lives, would be cleansed from their sins and be accepted by God the Father through the merits of His beloved Son (Eph 1:6) and adopted into His family (John 1:12 and Gal. 4:4-7)

Satan has been trying to obliterate families ever since his fall from grace in heaven (Isa 14:12-15; Eze. 28:13-19) and as a result he has tempted the minds of multitudes of fathers and mothers to turn away from their children and visa versa; but God the Father and His literal Son Christ Jesus have promised to restore the family image and value before Jesus returns to take His people home, (Mal:4:5-6). For further knowledge read Identity Wars; Life Matters; and The Return of Elijah, Particularly Chapt’s 31-34, by Adrian Ebens.

This is only one front that he (Satan) is attacking on, but he knows that IF he breaks down this bastion he can hurt our Heavenly Father and His literal Son, Jesus Christ because families are in Their Spirit.

Pray hard for our leaders of Church, Nation and World, Brothers and Sisters, that they will not make such changes and that they will return to the standards as laid down by God the Father!

Also, if we know of any families who are in trouble in these areas, particularly amongst our own families, let us not just pray but act in a way as to help bind them together!