Rex's Amicalola Photos

Posted Jun 06, 2011 by Rex Conklin in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 7,938

Rex Conklin sends greetings from he and his wife Dari here in the Big Sky Country of Montana.  He was blessed to attend the "Returning the Hearts" retreat and wanted to share his photos with all of you.  As his personal secretary I get the pleasure of posting them : )  Frank Klin

Rex waited until the very last day, after the presentations were over, to take pictures, so only a few of the attendees are featured.


Outside the Falls Lodge with Frank Klin, Joy Delaney, Rex Conklin,

Michael Delaney, Adrian Ebens and Gary Hullquist


New friends from Down Under, the Ebens


Left to Right: Julia Crider, Jeff Wilson, Jason Lockridge, Morgan Polsky and James Crider


White April Dogwood Tree Blossoms


Jono (Jonathan Otto) is filming Randy Thompson's testimony.

Behind them Adrian is preaching to a baby in a stroller : )


The Ebens and Crider families


Amicalola Falls


Frank Klin and Jeff Wilson


There were about 15-20 of us left at this point and we wanted a group photo.

We saw this young man sitting at a table above the parking lot and asked him to take the picture.

Unfortunately, Rex did not get the picture.  We only thought it fair that if this gentleman took our picture we would take his.

We didn't get the man's name, but Brother Morgan gave him a tract so keep this man in your prayers and look for him in Heaven.


Pretty Pink Blossoms


One last look at the Amicalola Falls Lodge

with Jonathan Otto, Michael Delaney and Andrew Cobbin


Beautiful Smiles from Joy Delaney, Adrian Ebens, Lorelle Ebens and Rex Conklin.

What a blessing to have an opportunity for fellowship in honouring the Father and the Son.


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