Sharp language in our discussions

Posted Jan 04, 2013 by Adrian Zaranski in Adventist Issues Hits: 3,001

Just right now I was, and still am, taking part in a discussion about God's relation to time and space and about how will He reward the saved in Heaven. The conversation takes place on Facebook, in a group of Polish Adventist youth. Trying not to go in details, it makes me sad, how these discussions are led. Instead of thinking over statements of ones with whom they discuss, some participants are very quick in making sharp statements, like accusing another person of heresy, of denying God's omniscience, of salvation by works etc. For example, the issue is about God giving more to some of the saved, while giving less to the rest, based on Mat. 16:27 and some other quotes, as well as GC. Some see here  salvation by works, since if someone will receive more, he will somehow be more valuable in God's eyes, hence he will need to earn it. My response was, that our true value is only in God, not in things we possess or get (as for now I have been spared :) ).

The issue is the language. This is of course just one of the topics, that are highly discussed in our Church. If in such debatable issues one uses accusations and won't even try to understand the position of another, then we are in big trouble. This spirit tares us apart from inside. Try to imagine, that one day such spirit of accusations, which now causes divisions in our Church, will unite the Church against a common enemy, which dares to deny an established doctrine. If it's so easy to accuse someone of heresy in a discussion over a minor issue, how easy it will become, when they will have to meet with something serious?

I don't know, how it looks in churches of the Anglo-Saxon world (or anywhere else outside Slavic world) - sometimes I think the problem lies in our national traits (Poles like to argue a lot) - but if this is, where we're heading, then we need to prepare ourselves for being accused and even betrayed by our own brethren. Like Christ said: "And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another." (Mat. 24:10). Yet we have a promise later on: "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." (Mat. 24:13).

Dear Lord, please save us from ourselves, forgive our sins and put in our hearts true patience against ALL odds, so that by living in your love and power we may endure unto the end. Amen!