Sweet Sabbath Thoughts

Posted Aug 20, 2010 by Oliver Saade in The Sabbath Hits: 7,054

Whilst thinking about our Heavenly Father and His Son, these are some thoughts that I had. They warmed my heart as I thought of our fellowship during this Sabbath. So here, the whole joy of it is in the sharing. I pray these words bless you as you keep your mind on our Fathers love for us.

From one new moon to another I will come and worship. For when I remember the great controversy between you and the adversary; I remember that you loved me and came to die for me. And when you completed your creation for which I was chief, he sought to destroy it but you had a plan for me.

I will not forget what you did for me, for from the foundations of the earth and when I was made you stood in the gap and died in love that I might live, a plan to redeem, to die in my stead as one with no thought for Himself. How can I forget your labor of love -your so great love- for which you set aside a day when I was made, that I should not forget you and that our love may grow.

You sat back watching to see if I will go my own way, for you gave me a will and freedom to choose, seeing all that I would do you yet so loved me and when I did choose, it did hurt you for in that I will also trade my very soul. But your way now set, your plan so sure, unrelenting you looked not back a plan now established in place and your ways soon to be seen.

You gave me hope, made me a promise when I didst fail, you chose your man, in your counsel of peace you began your plan, set your day once more in your commandments as a memorial to say, one day we will meet again, hoping that I will come for you longed for me. A day not merely named “a rest” but filled with your presence for it is our day a day set aside for you and me.

Like an anchor it reminds me, like the gentle and sweet countenance of a beloved wife, one look at you and I could not resist, all turbulence of this earth goes to rest. This was our beacon, “If you love me keep my commandments” it was your call but it was my joy. How can I forget you lord, how can I forget our day, a day for which we tell against all odds that I am yours and you are mine.

I love you for you loved me first, you gave your life and love to me, when I didst wait you never withheld when I did call you did come, when sin held me bound broken and weary your promise fulfilled -you set your anchor on the cross, your love thus revealed, so evident nothing could resist. In that day you gave your life for me, and to remind me whenever I go astray that you love me.

A battle that began when I was born that was long conceived, in the heart of the adversary, but you gave all to risk love on me to say, if I love you I should keep your commandments. A great reminder and so joyfully heard. For you set a time when all men will be judged and for your church you made all things that your manifold wisdom will be made know to the principalities and powers even in heavenly places.

Oh That I might come and remember your day, choosing to die to mine own ways that I might have life again, choosing to keep your commands that I might remember am not my own. A safe guard you made for me to live! It was your love token for me that you will soon come for me. And how will I know truth if I keep your commands, how will I know you if I come to you, “you give your spirit to those who obey you”

I choose Lord to think on you today, to remember how good you are to me. To fellowship with your children and to grow in the love you have for us. As I come I see Lord that I obey, but what is this wondrous act called? Righteousness of your Son, for by his life saving act I now live, have grace to overcome, His righteousness given to me I live through Him and He in me. For you it is my will to choose and this day Lord, with my all I choose you.

One thing leads to another: there was evil to tempt but you so loved you made. You made a day for me to remember, knowing as time goes on being taken by sin I will forget. Our relationship at stake, but you had a plan. When I forget you say remember. When I sin you say I redeemed. When I am lost you say I found; you founded me on a rock to be a light shining in the dark.

Shine my beloved shine on for me; let your joy be full, always rejoicing. The glory I am given I give to you, here take of my love, my goodness and graciousness, as my Father has given me so I give to you, be now a light and a beacon for the world, set on Me for all to see.

When I cannot love, you say I loved you first, you give me your mind and I am renewed. When I was tempted you say I can count on you what is mine I have given to you. My victory is your victory; never fear my child I am with you. Even unto the end of the world you never let go.

I am bound to you Lord oh and how sweet it is. You showed me your Father, and my Father, you said come that I might truly see. And when I first saw men as trees you said come even close, see a Son. See now a Father and then know the mystery. “As I see my father do, I do” now you look to me and be changed. This is my gift that I give unto you; Sonship is the way back into the Fathers heart. For my spirit I have given to you, that once more you may cry Abba Father.

That which you have lost I have now given back; good memories that you thought you will never have again. See your joy now -how it lights up your face, see now my child -how I love to see you smile, how I love to see you laugh; it’s how I want you to be. Be not down this day my beloved Son and my beloved daughter, my beloved brother and my beloved sister, my beloved child; warm your heart with sweet thoughts with words that never fails and never goes out, that never to grow cold and never to die. In the cold -sweet warmth, in the heat – I am refreshingly sweet, always ready to comfort and stand by you, come now my child, come now and have a day of rest.

Php 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.