The Godhead Truth - Brother Nader Mansour's Opening Presentation

Posted Apr 29, 2013 by Graham Tierney in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 3,423

My wife Harmina and myself have just watched brother Nader's opening presentation at the Bible Explorations (USA) camp meeting and we Praise God the Father and His Son Jesus, and rejoice that prayers were answered!

The Spirit of Father and Son spoke through our brother Nader (Matt; 10:20; John 14:23) The message was so insightful and uplifting of  THE GODHEAD TRUTH, and although the presentation was cut short by the convenors due to "fairness of speaking time", it was as clear as crystal.

Brothers and Sisters, there are to be two more presentations each for Cheryl Relia (Pro Trinity) and Brother Nader (Pro Godhead Truth) we must continue our prayers and equally important; we must PRAY that Cheryl in particular and other non believers will be convicted of the TRUTH before leaving this camp!