The Law I Live By

Posted Aug 27, 2011 by Oliver Saade in Worship of True God Hits: 9,172
But turning from all lesser representations, we behold God in Jesus. Looking unto Jesus we see that it is the glory of our God to give. "I do nothing of Myself," said Christ; "the living Father hath sent Me, and I live by the Father." "I seek not Mine own glory," but the glory of Him that sent Me. Joh_8:28; Joh_6:57; Joh_8:50; Joh_7:18. In these words is set forth the great principle which is the law of life for the universe. All things Christ received from God, but He took to give. So in the heavenly courts, in His ministry for all created beings: through the beloved Son, the Father's life flows out to all; through the Son it returns, in praise and joyous service, a tide of love, to the great Source of all. And thus through Christ the circuit of beneficence is complete, representing the character of the great Giver, the law of life.  {DA 21.2}

In our Heavenly Father and His Son is the body of principle held that express divine law and will; the statement of the origins of the law of life; relationship and conduct; a statement of absolute authority and reality that forms the basis of the foundation of the government of God. Was it just a mode of conduct made for creation or that out of which they were made and for which they are to live by in harmony with their maker? Who Father and Son are, is to be for the pattern to the universe, to know and relate with the God of the universe; to live by this law is righteousness and this righteousness will be found in the Son that was given, John 3:16. From this law we receive the commandments of God, His character.  This law became the conduct of angels and all created beings, and when it was transgressed in heaven sin came in to the universe. To make another way is sin; the breaking of the law, the hiding of the way to life, and that which was to be broken and obscured by Lucifer was who Father and Son was and still are; the very law he wanted to change; the very misrepresentation by which all changes and discord has come and the very law by which all truth will be restored. 

In Joh 17:1-26, this Son upon whose shoulders the government is laid Isa 9:6-7; the inheritor of all things Heb 1:1-4 who took our form Php 2:7 to save us from our sins Mat 1:21; Heb 7:25, and the one in whom the Father is pleased Mat 3:17, asked that we be one as they are one. He came to accomplish this purpose, to unite the fallen race back to the Father. The commandments which he kept Joh 15:10 and his sacrifice lead us in to the heart of law of life found in the fellowship with the Father and Son. 1 Joh 1:3

Father and Son make up law, the law of life for all creation, and the first point of reference for what law is for all living beings. Who they are together as literal Father and Son is what forms the basis of the law I obey and live by.