The Life Within - poem

Posted Aug 25, 2013 by John Boskovic in Everlasting Gospel Hits: 3,248



                        THE LIFE WITHIN


It was an angel, most perfect, mighty and bright

          That turned his eyes from the One Great Light

To be the author of self and sin,        

          And erased the image of God within.


It was a perfect man, without spot or stain,

          Perfect in body, yet through him sin came,

Bringing the woes of self and sin,          

          To mar the image of God, within.


But the Lamb of God, who within was pure,               

          Yet in sinful flesh, degraded for sure;

He won the victory over self and sin, 

          To restore the image of God, within.   


It is not the physics that makes a Son,

          But spirit divine that makes Him one.

His delight: to do His Father’s will,  

          Establishes faith; that God’s life might fill!


It is not the mighty, healthy or wise,  

          Who stand as sons in the Father’s eyes;

But he who truly by faith now lives    

          Receives the inheritance that God gives.


The Gospel of the Kingdom, the Son did bring,    

          To show us that the outward is not the thing;

The Father sees the contrite heart,    

          That He may dwell in the inward part.


Consider now: Do you comprehend,

          Wherein the life of the Son does stand?

For in the knowledge of the Father and Son

          Is life eternal for every one.