The ROCK of Salvation

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O, LET Thy sweet Spirit descend from above,

Our hearts melt in humble contrition and love,

Cemented together in one let us be,

Thou Rock of Salvation—united in thee!

Let angels' bright pinions, now hovering nigh,

Bear upward the tidings, while to thee I cry,

0, cleanse in that fountain of blood spilt for me,

Thou Rock of Salvation—and hide me in thee!

The rough, thorny path, faint and worn, we pursue,

Refresh with thy presence, our strength we renew

By those living waters that flow full and free

From the Rock of Salvation— rejoicing in thee!

Thou Friend and Supporter when troubles appear,

Preserver from evil, temptation and fear,

0, now to thine arms for protection I flee,

Thou Rock of Salvation—0, hide me in thee !

Secure in thy bosom I fain would repose,

Where peace, like a river, unceasingly flows

Thy beauty and glory beholding, I'd be,

Thou Rock of Salvation—enraptured in thee !

Thy judgments, 0 Lord, soon in wrath will descend,

O'erwhelming with terror, the tempest will rend;

But firm a foundation, sure refuge I see

In the Rock of Salvation—above, cleft for me!

With all the redeemed, my glad voice would I raise,

And join in the songs to Immanuel's praise ;

That at thine appearing I may numbered be,

Thou Rock of Salvation—0, hide me in thee !

R.H.Sept.2, 1852