The Truth as it is in Jesus

Posted Dec 18, 2011 by Mark A Hornbeck in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 5,056


As we experience a zeal and love for our God, Savior, and truth, we must be careful that it is always be hid in Jesus so that only He will shine. All if not most of us have experienced the results of speaking to quickly and wishing we could re-word what we said. I found this great quote that I hope will be a blessing to others as it was for me.

"When opposed, you will be in danger of retaliating in a sharp debating manner, if you are not constantly softened and subdued by the contemplation of Christ, and have a heart to pray, "Be Thou my pattern." Looking unto Jesus constantly, catching His spirit, you will be able to present the truth as it is in Jesus. . . . Love must be the prevailing element in all our work. In the representation of others who do not believe as we do, every speaker must guard against making statements that will appear severe and like judging. Present the truth, and let the truth, the Holy Spirit of God, act as a reprover, as a judge; but let not your words bruise and wound the soul. . . . Let not one rasping word be spoken. Let all sharp speeches that you are disposed to make, be kept to your individual self. Be as true as steel to principle, wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove. If your words are not to hurt anyone, you will have to speak only the words that you are sure will not be harsh and cold and severe. . . . Of all the people in the world, reformers should be the most unselfish, the kindest, the most courteous, learning Christ's ways and words and works."--Letter 11, 1894.