Unseen Battles

Posted May 12, 2012 by Mark A Hornbeck in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing Hits: 2,526

Dear Brethren,

This week as I was preparing for camp meeting, I was considering the great battle that is actively going on in the spiritual realm in regards to our salvation. Angels of heaven are fighting constantly in our behalf. I began to realize how we could have  no concept of just how this battle is fought. In my searching I found the following quote that moved me with appreciation for all that the Lord and His angels do for me as I marveled at the truth of it.

" Could our eyes be opened, and could each see the conflict of angelic agencies with the Satanic confederacy, who are combined with evil human agencies, what astonishment would come upon the soul. The holy angels are working with terrible intensity for the salvation of men, because the destroyer of souls is seeking to make of no effect the salvation which has been purchased at infinite cost. Could our spiritual vision be opened, we should see that which would never be effaced from the memory as long as life should last. We should see souls bowed down under oppression, loaded with grief and pressed down as a cart beneath the sheaves, and ready to die in discouragement. We should see angels flying swiftly to aid the tempted ones who stand as on the brink of a precipice. These tempted souls are unable to help themselves, and avoid the ruin which threatens them; but the angels of God are forcing back the evil angels, and guiding the souls away from the dangerous places, to plant their feet on a sure foundation. We should see battles going on between the two armies, as real as those fought by opposing forces on earth. When the power of Satan over souls is broken, we see men binding their will to the cross, and crucifying the flesh with the affections and lusts. It is indeed a crucifixion of self; for the will is surrendered to Christ. The will of man is none too strong when it is sanctified and put on the side of Christ. The will is a power, and as many triumphs are to be won in spiritual warfare, and many points of progress to be made in the spiritual journey, and many lessons to be learned from Christ, the great Teacher, it is necessary that the will should be sanctified. In surrendering the will, the root of the matter is reached. When the will is surrendered, the streams that flow from the fountain will not be bitter, but will be as pure as crystal. The flowers and fruit of Christian life will bloom and ripen to perfection.  {ST, October 29, 1894 par. 6} 

As each of us, who are constantly besieged by the enemy, fight to hold on to our Savior by His power and grace, may we be reminded of all the unseen agents who fight in our behalf and be strengthened by it.  Praise to our heavenly Father and His Son who have spared nothing in working for our salvation.