What is the Holy Spirit - Part Two

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What is the Holy Spirit - Part Two


The following extract is from a synopsis of the lectures delivered at the Biblical Institute as held by Elders James White and Uriah Smith in Oakland, California, April 1-17, 1877.

At the end of lesson fourteen are a series of questions in reference to the subject of the chapter, the nature and destiny of man. Questions number two and three are reprinted here with their subsequent most interesting answers concerning: “What is the Holy Spirit?”


2. In what way is God everywhere present?

Answer: By his representative, his Holy Spirit. Ps.139:7.

3. What is the Holy Spirit?

Answer: Any attempt to answer this question is venturing upon holy ground. It is something which is common to the Father and the Son: the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ. It is something to which the expressions, "poured out," "shed abroad," "descended," etc., are applied. It was breathed by Christ upon his disciples. John 20:22. It was an agent in the creation of the world. Gen.1:2. But it would be useless to try to enumerate all the methods and varieties of its manifestations. In a word it may, perhaps, best be described as a mysterious influence emanating from the Father and the Son, their representative and the medium of their power. [1878 UrS, TBI 184]