Adrian Ebens

Author/Speaker for Maranatha Media. 

A Beloved Son of the Father through Christ. Husband to Lorelle and father of Michael and Daniel 

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351The Relationship between the Old and New CovenantThe CovenantsFeb 25, 20154294
352Study on the Covenants - E.J Waggoner (1899)The CovenantsOct 26, 2015812
353Traversing the Ceremonial to Moral Dividing Line in Adventist HistoryThe CovenantsNov 18, 20151600
354Discarding Augustine's Covenant Glasses to Receive the Latter RainThe CovenantsMar 15, 2016862
355To Know the FatherThe FatherJun 21, 20114072
356The God of Jesus ChristThe FatherJun 11, 20104326
357The pleading Intercession of ChristThe JudgmentAug 15, 20112919
358The Lord is our Merciful JudgeThe JudgmentAug 25, 2018748
359The Template for the Judgement.The JudgmentSep 08, 20181131
360The JudgmentThe JudgmentAug 11, 2018842
361Showing Respect for Colossians 2:16, 17The SabbathNov 24, 201412755
362The Law of the Wise - A Fountain of LifeThe SabbathMay 25, 20103664
363Singing with AngelsThe SabbathAug 13, 20132115
364All Creation Worships TheeThe SabbathMay 14, 20107264
365The Sanctification of the Sabbath Carries us through the WeekThe SabbathMar 05, 20116363
366The Sabbath the key to Receiving the Covenant PromiseThe SabbathApr 19, 20106639
367My Beloved is Coming - In Sabbath RestThe SabbathApr 16, 20106727
368The Gift of the SabbathThe SabbathApr 16, 20106808
369Sending Jesus at the Times of RefreshingThe SabbathApr 30, 20171057
370The Self-same Day - Passover and the Counsel of PeaceThe SabbathJan 21, 20162466
371The Sabbath Fountain - The Seal of the SpiritThe SabbathFeb 04, 2016722
372Sabbath BlessingsThe SabbathJun 03, 2016764
373The Sabbath in the Time of Trouble. Lessons from Exodus 5The SabbathAug 13, 20161580
374The Literal Gift of the Holy Spirit on the SabbathThe SabbathJan 30, 2017840
375By Beholding we Become ChangedThe Son of GodMar 02, 20105592
376Why was Lucifer Jealous of the Son of GodThe Son of GodApr 01, 201016628
377The Eternal QuestionThe Son of GodFeb 05, 201023243
378The begotten Son in the Writings of Ellen WhiteThe Son of GodJul 01, 20106885
379Come in the Father's NameThe Son of GodMar 15, 201020787
380Many Shall Come in my NameThe Son of GodJul 21, 20121450
381The Son of the Father in TruthThe Son of GodFeb 08, 20115566
382Christ My MeditationThe Son of GodFeb 26, 20106656
383A Striking Parallel - Sabbath and the Son of GodThe Son of GodFeb 10, 2016621
384The One and Only Being in all the Universe and None But HeThe Son of GodJul 04, 20109823
385The Divine Pattern of the Divine and Human nature of ChristThe Son of GodJan 04, 20181255
386Amazing Discoveries in the Channel of BlessingThird Angel's MessageAug 08, 2018709
387The End is not yet - Jubilee and the Building of the Philadelphia templeThird Angel's MessageMay 01, 20181110
388Counsels on Close of Probation and Prophetic PeriodsThird Angel's MessageApr 07, 2019618
389Escaping the Pentagon of LiesWine of BabylonOct 06, 20161123
390God said Let us Make Man in our ImageWorship of True GodAug 24, 20106102
391The Deadly Consequences of Overstating God's WordWorship of True GodMay 09, 20104943
392No Other FoundationWorship of True GodFeb 16, 20104912