A picture of perfect love

Posted May 26, 2021 by Brümilda Vander Mescht in Testimonies and Stories

In my mind I have this picture 
It’s a picture of perfect love
A picture of compassion
And peace that’s from above
This picture is of a Person
That everyone should know
And though He isn’t known by some 
He loves those people so 
I cannot even comprehend
A love as deep and pure
But as my knowledge of Him grows
The picture brightens sure 
As I study His own words 
I hear His gentle voice 
Come My child I’ll give you rest
But it still remains your choice 
Then when I see His hand
I reach out to meet 
Where nails were once 
In His hands and in His feet
And my heart is touched once more
By the Fathers love for me
He gave His perfect Son
That we all can be free
Now I can only praise
The Father and His Son
Because without Their love for me
What would I have done?