Be Sober and Vigilant - Music as doors to the soul

Posted May 13, 2016 by Adrian Ebens in Devotional - Blog

The other day I was watching a documentary film. It was an economic and social history of Australia through the 70's and 80's. During the documentary some music was played reflecting the secular culture of the day. It reminded me of my younger days.

Later that day I started having trouble in my thoughts. I became quite concerned about some things more than usual. The thoughts were pressing upon me. I prayed for grace and wisdom. As I prayed I remembered the documentary I watched and the music connected to it. I did not make any effort to stop that music playing in my home. I was convicted that this was the reason. I confessed it and the power of negative thought pressing on my mind slowly subsided.

The world laughs at such ideas yet I have proved it true many times. There is a spirit connected to all music. It is either a spirit that glorifies Satan and opens the way for him or glorifies God and opens the way for Him.

Love not the world, neither things in the world. Test the spirits to see if they are of God. Many people are being oppressed by depressive thoughts, angry thoughts and lustful thoughts because they listen to music inspired by Satan.

Beware of what videos you watch or listen to. Pray about each one and make sure that it honours our Father and Lord Jesus. One click on Facebook or youtube can unlease wicked spirits who will connect with the music, movie or image revealed.

Guard well the avenues of your soul. Music that is not chosen by us and we pray for protection against can't harm us. Yet when in shopping centres with music blaring, if you do not pray for protection your mind will be influenced. Be sober and vigilant for your adversary the devil works about seeking whom he may devour.

The apostle sought to teach the believers how important it is to keep the mind from wandering to forbidden themes or from spending its energies on trifling subjects. Those who would not fall a prey to Satan's devices, must guard well the avenues of the soul; they must avoid reading, seeing, or hearing that which will suggest impure thoughts. The mind must not be left to dwell at random upon every subject that the enemy of souls may suggest. The heart must be faithfully sentineled, or evils without will awaken evils within, and the soul will wander in darkness. "Gird up the loins of your mind," Peter wrote, "be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation [519] of Jesus Christ; AA 518,519