Ben Carson Under Fire

Posted Nov 26, 2015 by Adrian Ebens in Last Day Events

The Popular Left Wing Young Turks on Youtube have discovered Ben Carson's Adventist belief about the end times.

With nearly 2.5 million subscribers the questions raised in this video are going to be picked up by many more. The questions are indeed fair questions for one seeking the position of president. Why would you seek to become the head of a system that is referred to in prophecy as the Lamb like beast that will enforce the Sunday Law. How can you be president of the United States and maintain diplomatic ties with the vatican when you believe the Pope is the Antichrist and the great beast power of prophecy?

Will the Adventist Church be able to maintain its policy of remaining silent on Ben Carson?

Is this the spark to light a fire against Adventism? Will it be brought about by one of its own members? Will gifted hands open the door to the coming persecution?