Coincidence or Providence?

Posted Feb 19, 2011 by Shaquille in General

Yesterday my Mormon brothers, Elder Fox, Elder Tauatea and Elder (I forgot his name), joined me for a little bible study. I won't go into detail  as I can't actually remember all of what we studied but the biggest part of it was about the prophets.  They made reference to the book of Mormon and Joseph smith. As they began to share with me about there beliefs I desired to do the same but found that I had nothing to say. As i tried to recall scripture I found that I was able to state the verse but not the reference. Due to certain time restrictions I was unable to go searching at the time and told them that I would get back to them.

Anyway.. They spoke about Joseph Smith being a true prophet having been the first man to see God the Father and Son in the Flesh. They spoke about how he interpreted the book of Mormon and how he was inspired of God. At that time I was thinking about the test of a true prophet but couldn't exactly recall the study. So in the end I had to let it go and wait for another opportunity to present the study to them.

Before they left I felt an impression to invite them to church. They said that if they could, they would. Explaining that as Missionaries they have certain restrictions in regards to what areas they're assigned to and not allowed to leave. So by the time it hit 11am I figured that they probably weren't allowed. 11:15 they walked into church and sat down to listen to Pr Neil.

Guess what the message for today was about????? Prophecy. Praise God!!! The elders were blessed to listen to a lengthy sermon about how the bible is God's word and "if they speak not according to this word, there is no light in them." Isaiah 8:20

It was an awesome sermon. The elders listened as the Pastor took them through the basic tests of a true prophet. Coincidence? I think not.