Faith of Yahushua II

Posted Aug 05, 2012 by George Kerr in Priesthood of Christ

Just as Adam and Eve looked forward to the advent of the Messiah, every generation has had the opportunity of being an Adventist. By definition I define Adventist as anyone who is looking for and anticipating the return of Yahushua the Messiah.  You find in Scripture that there is a “time of the end Daniel 8:17? and also the “utter end Nahum 1:9?. As we see the moral decline of society we have evidence that we do live in the “time of the end”.  There is another set of pillars upon which to build as we see the day approaching for our Master’s return.


As Adam and Eve had basic pillars of belief which was to carry them through the coming 930 years, “Genesis 5:5  And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died.” So the Believer today must address the platform upon which one stands. With a careful study one will find that although thousands of years have passed these last day pillars are strikingly like the pillars Adam and Eve had in their faith walk.

The 7th Day Sabbath:  Given in the Garden by Elohim as a gift of time. The blissful couples first full day on Earth was the 7th day Sabbath.

State of the Dead: Given in the Garden by Elohim to Adam and Eve that they would die if they ate the fruit of the tree. Satan’s lie was “Thou shalt not surely die”.

Sanctuary: When expelled from the garden they experienced the unmerited favor of YHWH by being provided a robe of covering made from the Lambs skin which had been sacrificed to teach of the Advent of the coming Messiah. This first altar was a parallel type to the altar found in the Sanctuary court yard. The final scenes in the prophecy of Daniel 8:24 places you and I in the final scenes of the Sacred Calendar which are harvest events! It is in the Sanctuary where the blood had been administered that we find Yahushua ministering on our behalf.  Note that the prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 pointed to the scenes of the Messiah’s first appearing at the time of Passover which was the beginning of the harvest year. Again Satan wants to destroy this teaching as it will lead us to place our faith in the Lamb of YHWH, slain from the foundation of the world. The Sanctuary has so many vital truths to teach the Advent believer.

3rd Angel’s Message: The promise made to the serpent was that it’s head would be bruised (Genesis 3:15), likewise in these last days we are not to be partakers of false theology whereby Satan tempted Eve with regarding the “state of the dead”. We are to come out of Babylon that we be not partakers of her sins and receive the mark of the beast!

2nd Advent: As there was a glorious 1st coming on time and in type there is to be loving anticipation of the 2nd coming. If the hope of the 2nd coming is not a part of your pillars of belief I invite you to pursue it.


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