Important Announcement on the Dissolved Relationship between Maranatha Media and TRSC

Posted Feb 12, 2023 by Adrian Ebens in General

Statement on Relationship between Maranatha Media and TRSC

Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel and Maranatha Media have been blessed to work together over the past decade in spreading the glorious truth of our Gentle Father and His Only begotten Son.

This relationship was terminated on February 1, 2023.

At the end of 2019 Dr Gary Hullquist asked Pastor Adrian Ebens to manage Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel. Pr Ebens appointed Daniel Bernhardt as the General Manager of the facility and together Pr Ebens and Mr Bernhardt appointed Pastor Ben Kramlich to be the Senior Pastor of Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel. Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel was overseen by a six member board which included Dr Hullquist, Pr Ebens, Mr Bernhardt, Sharyn Petryzanko and two others.

At the beginning of 2020 there were very few people attending Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel. Over a 3 year period Pr Kramlich and Mr Bernhardt oversaw the expansion of the membership into a thriving congregation. Within that time, donations of thanks were coming in to cover the cost of the ministry staff, the canvassing work was expanding, new people were attending regularly and a number of families and individuals wanted to move to the area because of the many blessings attending the ministry. As more people came to the ministry, more challenges naturally arose.

On the Day of Atonement last year I (Adrian Ebens) received news from Daniel Bernhardt that he had been relieved of his position as General Manager by the Hullquists without any consultation to the board nor to myself. Attempts by some had been made for some time to steer TRSC away from its principles and direction, and so there had been pressure on the Hullquists to take this action – but for it to come during the Feast without any prior warning came as a great shock to us.

Several appeals were made by myself and other members of the board regarding this decision, since it was in our understanding clearly an ill-advised move, but unfortunately to no avail. I resigned in response to the changes that were implemented and the way in which they were done, and my resignation was accepted without any protest. Another board member asked Gary to put these things through the proper channel of the board. This was ignored. We were then told that Daniel, myself and one other board member were only advisory and not actually board members.

While the church staff had a desire to continue working there, it soon became evident that it would not be possible. The Hullquists announced that they wanted to align themselves with the Seventh-day Adventist Church and use the facility more as a retreat centre that had monthly events rather than weekly ones. This made the use of the facilities virtually impossible.

Through a series of conversations with the Hullquists, it was made evident by them that the ministry needed to relocate and that they desired to support that transition. Gary has been supporting many of the workers around the world, so to rework the budget without his funds would take time. Ben, myself, Daniel and two others formed a proposal that would allow us to continue to minister as well as provide for the support of many other workers around the world through a period of transition, with a complete termination at the end of 2024. This would allow the Hullquists to work with the SDA Church without the trouble of having a Father and Son ministry on the property, and give us time until funds could be found from other sources. Gary immediately agreed to the proposal and generously decided to support the transition. He then asked that the ministry team and our books be removed by January 31st, 2023.

Since the previous board that had overseen the work of advancing the message through the world field had been made redundant, a new board was formed under the name of Father of Love Fellowship by those who put the proposal to Gary Hullquist to continue this work.

An amount of funds was granted for the purchase of a new property for the ministry team to continue to minister and support the local congregation that had been built up over the last 3 years. Unfortunately, untrue rumours continued to circulate, as they had been throughout this whole process, regarding what had transpired. These rumours tarnished the reputation of the local staff. Due to this circumstance, we have indicated to Gary that we will not use any of the funds given for property to purchase a property, but will use those funds to support workers across the world, while the additional agreed upon 2 years of funding for workers would be immediately terminated. To continue to receive funds in the context of such falsehoods being laid at the feet of our ministry team is impossible. Our ministry team have now vacated the TRSC property and will continue to minister to those who wish to continue to walk with us in this message.

We have been deeply distressed by these events during the last 7 months. The Hullquists have been such strong supporters and providers for this message of present truth. Their expressions of returning to the SDA Church, while it can be on one hand understood, makes us tremble for them. Much can be said here about the inability of the Father and Son movement as a whole to work together, and its failure to live up to its calling; while at the same time we wonder about how much freedom will be afforded to the Hullquists by the SDA Church in their new endeavour.

We wish the Hullquists the very best, and pray that in their new context they will be able to share the beautiful truths that have together given us so much joy. The sad story is that many of us have already been expelled from the churches we love and are shunned from their congregations. But great light has come through our adversity, and we believe God has called us to share that light in any way we can – in accordance with our understanding of the character of Christ and how He would share.

While a lot more can be said, this whole process has created much confusion, sadness, and disappointment. On top of this, it has brought much distress to the new growing congregation. We feel like this split could have been done more cleanly if there had been respect for proper procedure. Here we see the angst that can come when the divine pattern is ignored, or not understood.

Brethren, while this movement is experiencing rapid growth, Satan is hard at work to divide and destroy. Divine pattern principles are being ignored to the great detriment of many souls. Many are happy to be told that God is love, but when that love comes to them with correction and instruction, a significant number rise up in rebellion. Some seek to impose on others their own will. Many think they know the message already, but are in a Laodicean condition.

Brethren, take care to your own souls. Search for truth as for dear life, speak only truth and follow God’s instructions on how to deal with those in leadership positions. If you see fit, make your appeals using Bible and SOP. Don´t take things into your hands that have never been given to you. Search to learn and follow God’s plan on how to deal with others you believe should behave differently. If you don’t follow God’s plain instructions, you will find yourself on the wrong side.  Make your calling and election sure. Let each man and woman stand in their appointed place and lift the burdens with those who have been called to bear burdens from the beginning.

To the world field we ask for your prayers and your efforts to encourage all to work according to gospel order. I encourage all to read the book Divine Pattern and recall the principles of how to live together in a community of faith.

With much love and sadness,

Pastor Adrian Ebens

On Behalf of the Father of Love Fellowship Board