King of Glory Series

Posted Dec 21, 2012 by Jeff Wilson in Worship of True God

The King of Glory Bible study series centers on Jesus as the only begotten Son of God and shows how God the Father, His Son, the un-fallen angels and the redeemed are united as family. The series is designed to glorify and exalt Christ as our Savior, anointed Priest-King and “everlasting Father” of redemption and to show the ways in which His relational identity has been attacked, mocked and disputed in an attempt to neutralize the power of the true gospel. This cosmic political warfare has occurred over 5 successive eras. Being aware of this will kindle new personal appreciation for the Son of God and the “infinite sacrifice” involved for our salvation.

Family Attack of Celestial Origin (Eternal ages Era)

A study of heaven’s Godhead family dispute under Lucifer as echoed in the life of Joseph. Exploring the universal principle of submission and how it was reflected in the life of Christ. Covers the divine identity of God’s literal “only begotten [mono-genes”] Son contrasting this with the Trinity doctrine.

Christ Our Mighty God and Everlasting Father (Pre-creation to the Incarnation)

Features the Pre-existent Son and the significance of His many “given names” as related to His nature and character. The controversy concerning the relational identity of God’s Son is considered and how the false Trinity doctrine Babylon espouses undermines and disqualifies His true Sonship.

Epic Sacrifice (The Incarnation Era)

Explores the incarnation and “infinite sacrifice” of Christ and how the inestimable value of this sacrifice is proportional to His divine identity. This study directly interconnects with the two studies before and after it.

The 3-Fold “Omni” Paradox (Pentecostal Era)

Features the glorification of Christ as our divine/human anointed everlasting priest and how this was connected to Pentecost and relates to the latter rain and us today.

The Great Arian Controversy (Dark Ages Era to Our Day)

A study concerning the 3rd century identity war over the Father and Son and the nature of Christ's sacrifice atonement. The study shows how this was associated with the fulfillment one of Daniel’s prophecies concerning the uprooting of the 3 horns and also the abomination of desolation Jesus warned would reoccur in the future.