My Father, My Father, Oh How You Love Me

Posted May 07, 2011 by Oliver Saade in Devotional - Blog

It is quite interesting that of all the places I will learn a lesson about life this Sabbath was from my dog. There was a lot going on this evening and my wife and I were just about to retire for bed. We had just been with the family, sharing in the joy of fellowship amidst many troubles. On our way down our stairway I noticed my dog lying peacefully without worries. It looked at me gently and assuredly; it’s eyes were stable without fear, as if to say, it knew I was still there as its owner and it found comfort in that. A thought hit me as I began to explain to Mabel my wife. Mabel do you realize this dog has no care in this world? Those eyes it gave me made the worries around seem quite non existent.

Now she gave me a curious look wondering why I was going on and on about a DOOR, yep, I couldn't help laughing and admittedly sorry she had missed the whole thing. But any way there was a lesson at hand to learn so I explained. Somehow this dog had found assurance in the fact of my love for it. Sometimes it may miss a meal but it had learned that it comes sooner or later, that it will be taken care of, that I was there, so there was nothing to worry about. Because of my love for it I will make sure it was taken care of without any though on its part Luke 12:22-24. Now this reminded me of my heavenly Father. I learned that my dog need not fear because I love it, how much more my Father in heaven then will take care of me. Oh praise God. If my love is sufficient for a dog to give it such gentleness and confidence, how much more the one who is Love. He watches the sparrows. Matthew 10:29-31.

Sometimes it seems these events are overly exaggerated but when you catch them in their purest moments when doubt and sin has not marred them, you see the many blessings that our Father showers us with everyday if we would only pause for a moment to see them in the many places He has placed them. They will be as the many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written John 21:25.

I believe Father that you watch over me too and I need not be overcome by fear and worries. You love me so much that you gave all of heaven in your Son that in Him I will formostly find my surety. I am now your child and I believe that you are my Father and you love me.
If I was the only one on earth, Father I know you will still give all as if I was the only one you have. Thank you for your love shown by giving your Son to come that I may know you and be saved. Amen.