New thesis on the history

Posted Mar 15, 2014 by Bobby B in General

Just read a new article about the history of SDA's development of the Trinity doctrine.  It is written by PHD professor Kozirog, Bernard (2013): The Doctrinal Peculiarity of 19th Century Advetism:  Taeaching About The Trinity.  Published in: International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Review , Vol. 1,  No. 1 (2013): pp. 32-49.

What I cant understand is how highly educated people can regurgitate the same party-line disinformation year after year without doing serious fact checking.

Now, I dont know if Dr. Bernard is an SDA or not.  Yet this article is a classic example of the distortion of fact when information is "explained" by too many people.  Remember sitting around the campfire at camp as  a kid.  Remember one person wispering a short-story, and every one passed that same information and by the end of the circle the story was something completly different?  This is the same.