Newbold College: "1940s Drive to make Adventism look more Christian"

Posted Jun 17, 2013 by Bobby B in Adventist History

Just about every day I surf the web for historical “stuff” of interest.  Ran across the SDA Newbold (UK) college website and was surprised by one teacher’s summary of SDA history.  Sounds like stuff taken right off a fountarian website.  His name is Jan Barna.  Someone should correspond with him.   His historical overview appears much too candid to not be sympathetic.

1940s Drive to make Adventism look more Christian

Protagonists: Leroy E. Froom and Francis D. Nichol
A movement to strengthen and clean up Adventist publications


The first concern was the Trinity: ‘The clean up’ of Anti-Trinitarian statements




A movement to strengthen and clean up Adventist publications in two areas:

1. Anti-Trinitarian Statements

2. Sinful Human Nature of Christ Statements

3. Active publishing of  new apologetic literature:

F. D. Nichol: The Midnight Cry

L. E. Froom: Prophetic Faith of our Fathers



The leadership at the GC level L. E. Froom and Anderson and A. V. Olson combined their energy throughout the 1960s in uplifting the evangelical aspects of Adventism.
A. V. Olson in 1966 will publish a book entitled Through Crisis to Victory.
In 1980s with a new title: 13 Crisis Years
The Movement of Destiny by L. E. Froom (1971)
…is Froom’s worst book
Froom had even burned much of the primary evidence.  (link here).