Reflection on The Father's Grace

Posted Jan 29, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General

Joshua 1:3-9 This text was my first personal experience with God. I was 15 years of age and like so many other teens, i was without direction......... something was missing. I had shared with my mother how i was not happy. She counselled me to go to the scriptures for comfort. I opened the bible to Joshua and read the text referenced above. i got nothing out of it, threw the bible to the side and proceeded to walk out of the house. My mother caught me as i attempted to escape silently and asked if the reading had helped at all. i confessed in truth that it was useless!!! She asked for the reference i had received and i shared it with her. she went away and i went outside to play. A few minutes later she came to me with a smile and asked me to read it again. unbeknown to me she had prayed that my eyes may be opened...... i read the text and the tears began to flow as i realized what God my Father was telling me. 

Here was a promise from my Father in Heaven. My life has been a testament to that promise until recently.

I share these thoughts as i am a sinner and realize more today than ever before my need of a saviour and my need to be reunited in an intimate relationship with my heavenly Father. 

I am no longer a member of the SDA church because of my sin which has cost me dearly. John3:16 has become a very special verse to me from the day that my brother Adrian shared with me his thoughts on the Godhead on a quiet mountain top.... it was a rush as so many puzzle pieces began to fall into place. My excitement knew no bounds as shackles fell from my mind and a real Father watched as His real Son was crucified for my sins....

Now a new light has come to me as i am experiencing the separation from my children through sins that are entirely of my own doing. I have a painful insight into the mind of the Father as He is separated from His only Son through NO fault of His own but because of me and my sins.

John 3:16 could never have impacted as deeply had I not come to a clearer knowledge of the Family relationship.

I pray that anyone who reads this blog may rejoice in the unimaginable wonder of our Father's providence, ever calling us to return to Him when we have erred.