The Reformer's Formula

Posted Feb 12, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General

I have been studying with renewed zeal the Great controversy as I have been contemplating my future and would love for the Lord to guide my choice for work in the future. In the past i have found work to be fulfilling in many ways but of recent times i have found that my thoughts have been captive to a desire to engage in full time ministry of some sort. I would love to be a literature evangelist and the impression in my mind was to know the products that you are selling!!!

As i have begun to restudy the Great Controversy it stands out to me that the great reformers all had very similar beginnings... namely poor and wanting.

In speaking of the waldenses she writes;

Pure, simple, and fervent was the piety of these followers of Christ. The principles of truth they valued above houses and lands, friends, kindred, even life itself. These principles they earnestly sought to impress upon the hearts of the young. From earliest childhood the youth were instructed in the Scriptures and taught to regard sacredly the claims of the law of God. Copies of the Bible were rare; therefore its precious words were committed to memory. Many were able to repeat large portions of both the Old and the New Testament. Thoughts of God were associated alike with the sublime scenery of nature and with the humble blessings of daily life. Little children learned to look with gratitude to God as the giver of every favor and every comfort. {GC 67.1} Parents, tender and affectionate as they were, loved their children too wisely to accustom them to self-indulgence. Before them was a life of trial and hardship, perhaps a martyr's death. They were educated from childhood to endure hardness, to submit to control, and yet to think and act for themselves. (GC page 67)

of John Huss;

John Huss was of humble birth, and was early left an orphan by the death of his father. His pious mother, regarding education and the fear of God as the most valuable of possessions, sought to secure this heritage for her son. Huss studied at the provincial school, and then repaired to the university at Prague, receiving admission as a charity scholar. He was accompanied on the journey to Prague by his mother; widowed and poor, she had no gifts of worldly wealth to bestow upon her son, but as they drew near to the great city, she kneeled down beside the fatherless youth and invoked for him the blessing of their Father in heaven. Little did that mother realize how her prayer was to be answered. {GC 98.1}

of Martin Luther

Like the first heralds of the gospel, Luther sprang from the ranks of poverty. His early years were spent in the humble home of a German peasant. By daily toil as a miner his father earned the means for his education. He intended him for a lawyer; but God purposed to make him a builder in the great temple that was rising so slowly through the centuries. Hardship, privation, and severe discipline were the school in which Infinite Wisdom prepared Luther for the important mission of his life. {GC 120.2}

Is it not wonderful how God has prepared the way through suffering to refine His people and to keep His truth from extinction.

I desire to submit my life to the will of God that through suffering I too may be made whole and that i may be a faithful messenger of the Lord.