Unless you become as little children .....

Posted Jan 30, 2011 by Harmina Tierney in Praise Fellowship Feedback and Sharing

I want to share a blessing I had this morning and praise the Lord for it. Recently I had my 12 year old grandaughter, her name is Emily, stay with us for a few days. She is not being raised in a Christian home. Graham bought a lovely book with Bible stories in it and we simplified our morning and evening worship in words she could understand. She experienced and partook and was able to answer questions at the end of each story. She also experienced and knelt with us in prayer each time. This was a blessing.
Today I heard from my daughter that my grandaughter had lost her pet guinea pig yesterday and was very upset by this. She said she wanted to pray to God to help her find it, so they did. During the evening she heard a squealling noise and found her guinea pig. She was most happy. My daughter said God heard our prayer. I am grateful to our heavely Father for answered prayer to this young child and caring for her and thereby teaching her and her mother something precious about our God. Please pray for Emily! Praise God.