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1Peter 3:15

Posted Jul 15, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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I desire to share this experience with my fellow brothers and sisters as it has been a great blessing to me this last week. I had spent two weeks with my sons when at the close of my visit a day or so before I was heading back up to the northern territory I decided late one night to get some take out (I know.... it wasn't healthy)

As I entered the fast food place there was an older gentleman sleeping on a bench and I felt this overpowering urge to make contact with him. I woke him and asked him why he was sleeping at McDonalds. He axplained that he had no way to get home and would have to wait it out for the night until he could arrange a train and then a bus to make his way home then following day. I offered to drive him home (approximately an hour away from the fast food place) and he looked at me as though I had two heads :-). He asked why I would do that and it caught me by surprise.. "its just the right thing to do sir" i said. He was still unbelieving and said "you are going to drive me all the way home?" i responded "yes". He said " i just dont get it!!!" "you are a really nice guy" at this point I had to come clean and said "look.. i'm a christian and i had a strong impression to make contact with you when i saw you sleeping on the bench here and then the Lord placed this burden on my heart to take you home when i heard your story!". at this point the man said "okay then :-)"

we got in the car and began to drive and I prayed for the opportunity to share more with him... He asked what kind of a christian I was and I was tempting to reply " a really bad one!!!" but I explained that I was seventh day adventist. we began to talk about the sabbath and he explained that he couldn't understand how so many people could be wrong and that this relatively small group had it right!!!! the lord impressed me to share with him about the story of Noah and how only 8 people got in the Ark and were saved but the rest of humanity was lost... "the crowd is never right"

he sat and thought for a while and then spoke about Jesus' coming. I shared about the current events and bible prophecy. He became more excited and said he wanted to know more... I explained to him (as we arriveed at his house) that there was a SDA church just two streets across from his house and that he should go to church on sabbath to ask more questions and receive bible studies. He asked for my number and said that he wanted to make contact in the future. He knew one of the people that attended the church and I know them to be a fervent seeker for truth,  I asked him to seek bible studies. By this time it was midnight and I was so awake from the experience that I was praising God all the way home :-)

His name is Terry and I beg you to pray for him as i know our loving heavenly Father want this man in the kingdom!

The last words I shared with him was "imagine what kind of loving heavenly Father demonstrated his love toward you tonight Terry that he would cause me to come here and place a burden on my heart to take you home so that you could have a good night's sleep."

may this bless you all as it has blessed me richly, and thank you Father for allowing me the experience :-)