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Eloquence of the Fountain of Life

Posted Feb 17, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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I have had the most amazing experience over the past two weeks. The Lord has given me a direction which included the study of the Great Controversy. I have at time wanted to stop as there were other materials that i really wanted to study, but God impressed me that my focus should be on the completion of that which I had started and not to rush lest I should miss something vital.

Everytime i have studied its glorious contents, I have had a direct experience that related to what I had just read.

Tonight as I was in my office and very tired after a long day at work I felt prompted to do just a little reading in the current chapter "Truth Advances in the British Isles". I read of a man named John Flavel. Sister white mentions that he wrote a book called "The Fountain of Life". Now being a fountarian, it caught my attention and I Googled it. I found the document written in 1671. It is a collection of 42 sermons and the the first sermon is called GET THIS "Christ in His essential and primeval Glory". I began to read the material and could not stop. Gone was the dreariness. I had just received an injection of energy from somewhere (I know where... thank you Father :-) )

I would like to share some of this with you as it is written in such a beautiful manner when depicting the relationship between Father and son before anything was made!!!!!!

"Then I was by him, as one brought up with him; and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him." Proverbs 8:30

These words are a part of that excellent commendation of wisdom, by which in this book Solomon intends two things; first, Grace or holiness, Prov 4:7. "Wisdom is the principal thing." Secondly, Jesus Christ, the fountain of that grace: and look, as the former is renowned for its excellency, Job 28:14, 15, so the latter, in this context, wherein the Spirit of God describes the most blessed state of Jesus Christ, the wisdom of the Father, from those eternal delights he had with his Father, before his assumption of our nature: "Then was I by him," and was wholly swallowed up, and spent in unspeakable delights and pleasures. Which delights were twofold, (1.) The Father and Son delighted one in another (from which delights the Spirit is not here excluded) without communicating that their joy to any other, for no creature did then exist save in the mind of God, verse 30. (2.) They delighted in the salvation of men, in the prospect of that work, though not yet extant, verse 31. My present business lies in the former, viz. the mutual delights of the Father and Son, one with and in another; the account whereof we have in the text; wherein consider,

1. The glorious condition of the non-incarnated Son of God, described by the person with whom his fellowship was, "Then was I by him," or with him; so with him as never was any, in his very bosom, John 1:18, the only begotten Son was in the bosom of the Father, an expression of the greatest dearness and intimacy in the world; as if he should say, enrapt up in the very soul of his Father, embosomed in God.

2. This fellowship is illustrated by a metaphor, wherein the Lord will stoop to our capacities, (as "One brought up with him"), the Hebrew word "amon" is sometimes rendered a cunning workman, or curious artist, as in Cant. 7:1, which is the same word. And indeed Christ showed himself such an artist in the creation of the world; "For all things were made by him, and without him there was nothing made, that was made," John 1:3. But Montanus, and others, render it nutritious; and so Christ is here compared to a delightful child, spotting before its Father: the Hebrew root "shachak", which our translation renders "rejoicing before him," signifies to laugh, play, or rejoice; so that, look as parents delight to see their children sporting before them, so did the Father delight in beholding this darling of his bosom.

3. This delight is farther amplified by the perpetuity, and uninterruptedness thereof; "I was day by day his delight, rejoicing always before him." These delights of the Father and the Son one in another, knew not a moment's interruption, or diminution: thus did these great and glorious persons mutually let forth their fullest pleasure and delight, each into the heart of the other; they lay as it were embosomed one in another, entertaining themselves with delights and pleasures ineffable, and inconceivable. (John Flavel 'the fountain of life' 1671)

I read this and think about John3:16 or Matthew 3:17.... my eyes well up as I am blessed with a scene of the awesomeness of unity and intimacy. My mind cannot fathom the depth of this picture but I am ever so thankful that my heavenly Father led me in this direction tonight.

Its like standing at the window to the living room of this family's house and peering in the witness their loving intimacy behind closed doors. The Lord is revealing himself to us in these last days and I think of John17:3.

I desire to know the Father and the Son intimately and be enveloped in their embrace.

May God be praised