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God's Twenty Pound Umbrella

Posted Jan 11, 2017 by Brian Heckethorn in General
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A few years back I had the opportunity to visit a friend who was living in London England. After spending sometime there, on my last day, I went to visit him at his work; and as I was walking to his business, the Lord decided to open up the sky and the rain began to fall down in buckets. I should have known something like this was bound to happen this day since EVERYONE was carrying an umbrella but me. Fortunately for me, there was a shop to close by that I ran into; drenched. They had a small stack of umbrellas and I grabbed one. To my surprise, the umbrella cost 20£. Back then the exchange rate was 1GBP(£) = 2USD($), the height of America's financial low. So that's $40! 20£ was all I had left on me; and being a Yank (American) with no knowledge of my surroundings (no smartphones with GPS back then), I was stuck paying the 20£ or I'd really find myself looking like the guy on the wrong end of a carnival dunk tank game.

Fast forward a year. I'm back in the States and I'm driving home through town from work and I see a guy walk-running down the sidewalk in the pouring rain. The Lord speaks to my conscious and tells me I should give that man my umbrella.

"But Lord! That umbrella cost me $40!" I said as I drove by the man who was miserably wet.

See, the Lord had me pop into that shop to spend my last $40 on an umbrella, not for myself, but for that man that was on the sidewalk a year later getting drenched.

Don't you know the Lord took my umbrella? It was laying in the seat next to me that day in the car. But the next day it was gone. I lost the umbrella. I've looked for it time and again; even when we moved out of the house I thought I would chance upon it. But no; it's gone. Since I put the cost of the umbrella over the cost of helping my neighbor, the Lord saw it fitting for me to not have it either.

BUT; I did learn a lesson from that experience. And since then, I've never said no to giving anything of mine to anyone. The Lord reminded me that day, over a simple umbrella, that even temporal things belong to Him. None of this is ours. We are only stewards of what is already His.

Never say "no" to the Lord and always help those in need.