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Mormon Brothers and sisters

Posted Feb 05, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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I was quiet moved by the sincerity of my brother Corey in studying with some mormons. I began to research some of the mormon beliefs and considered just how one would share with these people when we are not playing on an even playing field.

I was astonished at a number of doctrinal points that caught my attention;


  1. Belief that Jesus became the son after His birth to Mary
  2. The bible has been altered since the time of the apostles.
  3. Joseph Smith received the new gospel from peter, james and john
If the bible has been changed, it means that it cannot be trusted and thus the source of authority is destroyed. so if I wanted to discuss based on scripture, my brother could choose to accept or reject the truth depending on its impact on his/her beliefs.
Thus satan has forged a new gospel and mixed it with a critical lie (life after death) in using Peter, James and John to deliver the new gospel. Therefore authority is given to the new gospel by reason of the method of transfer (from Apostle to 'prophet')
I share this blog because I had a discussion with a mormon brother some time ago. We sat on the verandah and began to talk about all sorts of doctrinal topics. Finally we got onto the point of the Bible as I was interested to know what his source of authority was. He explained to me how the bible had been changed and one could no longer be certain as to the truth of its content.
I asked the brother to share with me his understanding of the reformation and the people involved. He went quiet and I began to share with him about my hero Martin Luther who was born and lived not far from my home town. I went to my library and pulled out a copy of the german martin luther bible. A bible that was translated from Latin to german by a man inspired of God.... A work-a-holic!
My mormon brother had never considered that religious workings outside of the catholic church could have preserved the scriptures. I shared with him numerous texts and translated them as best i could. He compared them with texts from the KJV and found that they were very similar. Certainly not changed enough to alter the meaning of the texts. I concluded with him in saying that he could either choose to believe that there is still enough truth within scripture for him to be saved or that the other translation had been identically altered to ensure that the lie was manifest across all languages.
I then shared with him that Martin Luther was  a catholic monk who received the light that salvation is not through works but faith.
I have to marvel at satan's devices in destroying the source of authority thus destroying the reasoning tool within the minds of men and leaving them with nothing but opinion. If Jesus only became the son of God at his birth by Mary then He was someone else prior to that.... but not the son of God..... what does that do to the power of the words in John3:16.... the power of texts comes from the understanding that Jesus has always been the son of God.
I pray for my mormon brothers and sisters and for people like Corey who labour in the word to share the truth with them.
May God grant you wisdom brother to share those things which will be used by the Holy Spirit to impress the truth upon their minds.