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My brother Moses

Posted Feb 01, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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Today as I was travelling between jobs I asked the Lord to use me if possible, so that when I enter my clients' homes I can minister in some way.

I began to think about Moses and how he spoke with God at the burning bush. He asked God what He should say when he was to go to Egypt and the Lord told him to simply go and that God would tell him what to say. 

I wondered how difficult that must have been for Moses to simply go and not know what you are going to be asked or what you should say. It revealed to me the level of trust one must have in God to be able to go out and leave the talking to God.....

I want a faith like that.......

Father please take this unbelieving heart and replace it with a heart of Faith!!!!!! Do not let me stumble Father but guide me in your paths. I make it so hard for you to bless me Father... please forgive me.