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My Journey Continued

Posted Apr 28, 2012 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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Dear Brethren,

I have not blogged for a long time on Maranatha. Not because I have been too busy or unable to get on line etc, but because I have been on a spiritual journey that has led me directly into the channel of blessing and the outpouring of God’s blessings upon me are beyond description.

The last time I blogged of my activities I was in the Northern Territory and shared with you all about my experiences and travels including photos. Some of you may also still remember my testimony about my failed marriage due to my failure as a husband and Father. Satan was able to tear down my House because the strongman (or houseband) was able to be tied up (Mark3:27)

I entertained the idea that I could continue in this other relationship and still maintain God’s blessing, that He would somehow make a way for me to have it all. (it reminds me of the words from a poem I once heard….. “Lord how much can I get away with and still be saved???).

Patiently God revealed to me and my partner that our future could only ever be as friends and nothing else. That time was of the essence and there was much work for both of us to do, both in character development and the proclamation of the gospel.

We prayerfully and painfully released everything into God’s hands and waited. She received an open door to move out of the city and minister in her called field and I received a calling amongst the local indigenous people of the community I live in called Alpurrurulam in the Northern Territory. While ministering here to a Sunday keeping group I received a calling to the Solomon Islands on a fly and build trip where the Lord blessed my mind with wisdom beyond my wildest dreams to maintain the machinery during the stay there and keep the hospital generators functional etc.

The greatest joy I experienced was on a Sabbath afternoon when I was watching an AY’s program at the church In Atoifi and a sister from the fly and build group spoke to me and we began to share. I gave my testimony and we began to speak about the channel of blessing and submission, equality etc. She was astonished that the very thing she had been impressed about recently and kept quiet was what we were now discussing. Before my trip to the solomon’s I had felt the impression to bring along one of my copies of the divine pattern and at this meeting the Lord impressed me to give it to this woman.

In short, the result of this meeting has meant that when I came back to Brisbane after the trip to the Solomon Islands, this woman and her husband invited me over to open Sabbath and I was blessed to be able to lay out the godhead truth to them both. They saw the truth for what it is and we all wept for joy as we thanked the Lord for revealing such things to sinners such as us.

Since this time I have committed the remainder of my life to the working for the bare essentials that I may be ready at a moments notice to be sent where the Lord requires me. I thank those of you who have not ceased to pray for me over the last year for remaining diligent and ask the remainder of you to keep me in your prayers as I pray for all my brothers and sisters worldwide that we may not be tardy with the commission that we have been given.

May God richly bless you my dear family in Christ.

I wanted to include some photos for those of you who, who like me, enjoy the visual as well as the written but it seems that my computer does not wish to play ball. I

God bless

Your Brother in Christ