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Posted Jan 31, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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My thoughts today were centered on peace. Jesus said "Peace i leave with you, My peace i give unto you...." 

I have spent the last 18 months or so with very little peace!!!! true it was my fault, but that took some time to realize. i imagined my life like that stormy sea, the night that Jesus faired across it in the dark. He had a perfect peace... in fact He was so peaceful that He slept through the raging storm. And when He awoke, He shared His peace with creation and it calmed down... The voice of the creator brings about an action in creation. An action in everything except humanity!

Because of my free will, God can speak and nothing happens!!!! :-(

Today as I reflected upon my Father's role in my life, I was filled with peace. Not because i have attained (far from it!!!!!), but because i choose to believe that when Jesus says "peace I leave with you"... He is talking to me.

I want Him to fill my life.. to lead me.... I struggle to grasp just how he could even use me but I leave that in His hands as it only discourages me to think on the past. My life is not a record of good decisions, but a record of an unfailing redeemer to whom I owe everything.

I don't want be that pig in the mire anymore ( on whom the pearl is wasted!)

Please Father help mine unbelief that i may rejoice in my sufferings for your names sake.