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The Father's Blessing

Posted Feb 12, 2011 by Ruben Olschewsky in General
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The need of a blessing is paramount to our development. I consider in my own life, the striving for the father's blessing that I experienced. The lengths that i would go to to impress my father, to make him proud of me. anything, to get that attention and sense of acceptance.

Sister white pens the following paragraph;

  "John Huss was of humble birth, and was early left an orphan by the death of his father. His pious mother, regarding education and the fear of God as the most valuable of possessions, sought to secure this heritage for her son. Huss studied at the provincial school, and then repaired to the university at Prague, receiving admission as a charity scholar. He was accompanied on the journey to Prague by his mother; widowed and poor, she had no gifts of worldly wealth to bestow upon her son, but as they drew near to the great city, she kneeled down beside the fatherless youth and invoked for him the blessing of their Father in heaven. Little did that mother realize how her prayer was to be answered.  {GC 98.1}"

Did John Huss have a significant impact upon the upholding of truth in a time of Spiritual Darkness? Ofcourse he did. I consider also the blessing that our Heavenly Father pronounced upon His Son at His baptism (Matt 3:17), and what it empowered Christ to accomplish.

Our young people need the prayers to invoke the blessings of the Heavenly Father more than ever before..... to equipment them for the final work before the end of time.

Let this be remembered in our prayers as we petition the Father.